Boxing Day – a quiet one

by | Dec 26, 2023 | Latest Post | 0 comments

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This was the time to be at home. My sister made a supply of sandwiches for a lady who goes around and feeds the homeless. We had masses of food leftover from Christmas day which we consumed. Time to pack our bags.

I wish I could figure out why we sleep so badly because we wanted to sleep. I do not want to blame EMF fields for everything. I have decided to visit my sister more frequently perhaps three times a year. Being there for practical assistance is good. Saving bills on ever more expensive hotels is good. In a few years time, I may need someone to perform the same services for me.

There are lots of local woods and open areas which we did not have time to explore but that is probably done best when the weather becomes warmer. In London, there is always more to do

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