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We are not creatures in a treadmill and we should not treat ourselves as such. Yesterday I returned from a one week’s holiday in London mainly to be together with my sister and give her some support on the physical level as she is in her mid 80s and like all of us older ones the body doesn’t do exactly what you want it to do.

I decided to have an extra day’s ‘holiday’ and the more I thought about it, the more I felt it should be recommended to everybody. We have floating through our minds a superfluity of images, pleasant sensations, potentially good memories and what do we do? We carry on the next day as if nothing had happened.

Imagine that you have listened to a fine symphony in a concert hall. Would you not want to spend a few hours reflecting on it and the effect it has had on you? You have had a good meal. Would you not want to spend some time digesting? Is this not part of nature’s Way? The point is that nature has got it right; it knows how to survive. Not only that, to thrive, if given half a chance.

extra holi-day day with no added cost

My proposal is this. Take the day after your holiday as a bonus day thrown in during which you expect nothing of yourself, and you dwell on the good bits as well as the not so good bits. If you have things that must be done, make any difference? Even with insurance policies, let us say your house has been broken into, the industry standard is to give a 30 days for a person to report and I imagine even that is flexible.

So what do we HAVE to do the day after our return? Probably not very much if anything. YouTube revolve around the sun. No Harm will be caused to anybody through your inactivity. What I’m trying to say is that no one is indispensable. I agree that if you have dependents such as young children, the situation is not the same, but the principle holds.

This morning I decided not to get up. I dozed and generally indulged myself in doing nothing. I then decided to have a long soak in the bath during which I thought absolutely nothing.

It could be said that this time in bed amounted to closure. Closing of one chapter or in this case the closing of a chapter and a year to reflect on what I might do the following year, 2024

Polymath vs linguist

I find that I get these two terms mixed up. This will happen no more.

A polymath is a person of great and varied learning
When a person’s knowledge covers many different areas, he or she is a polymath. The Greek word for it is polymathes, “having learned much,” with poly meaning “much,” and manthanein meaning “learn.” Definitions of polymath. a person of great and varied learning. type of: initiate, learned person, pundit, savant.

A linguist is someone who can speak several languages. Used from the 1580s, “a master of languages;” also “one who uses his tongue freely,” a hybrid from Latin lingua “language, tongue” (from PIE root *dnghu- “tongue”) + -ist. Meaning “a student of language” first attested 1640s. Compare French linguiste, Spanish linguista.


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