Are ‘woke’ people asleep or just angry?

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I have not yet caught up with my week of activity in London and with so many other things pressing I made do a summary instead of my normal daily type diary.
In connection with my research work, I subscribe to a lot of services which send me news updates every day, every week, or occasionally. One such is which publishes a variety of articles on social and political trends. I debated whether to include this in my diary but if it is to be an honest presentation of how I am thinking it does have to be comprehensive.
I am particularly puzzled or exercised by the main article today entitled ‘ what really happened in 2023 and what comes next’. And if there is a subsection by Doug Casey who may be is one of the staff on wokism and there are many points that I can only totally agree with, and I invite you to read the article in full.
Doug Casey: There are always reactions to major trends. These things are worth noting, but considering the virulence of the woke movement, the reaction has been tepid. There’s always a rearguard fighting for things as they are. And that’s wonderful because the Wokesters want to overturn the entire culture much the same way as the Jacobins overturned it in revolutionary France, the Bolsheviks overturned the culture in Russia, the Red Guards in China, or Pol Pot did in Cambodia.
The Wokesters are potentially just as dangerous because their way of thinking is everywhere in the West. They’re similar to the movements I’ve just mentioned in that they’re stridently against free speech, free thought, free markets, tradition, and limited government—nothing new there. But they’ve weaponized gender and race as well. They’re virulent, humorless, and puritanical. They see themselves as the wave of the future, but they’ve only repackaged the notions of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler.
My view is that the Wokesters hate humanity and hate themselves. They’re dishonest, arrogant, and entitled. Look at the current scandal involving the diversity-hire presidents at Harvard, Penn, and MIT. They’re shameful embarrassments. The fact their boards of trustees installed these fools shows how deep the rot goes.
The Woke have ingrained psychological/spiritual aberrations. They don’t just control academia, finance, entertainment, and the media. They also dominate the State’s apparatus. Which means they basically have the law on their side.
Where will it end?
According to the Oxford English Dictionary “woke” is defined as: “Originally: well-informed, up-to-date. “Now chiefly: alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice.” The Urban Dictionary adds: “Being woke means being aware… knowing what’s going on in the community (related to racism and social injustice).”
What looked as a quite reasonable and just historical campaign for minorities has become weaponized against anyone who because of their colour, especially the colour white, is assumed to have prejudices, even if they do not. This is judgmentalism at its worst
For me the key factor is the lack of a sense of humor. I believe that the quickest way to becoming a retard is to become woke. It seems to be a state of mind where all intellect and objective observation is removed in favor of a hysterical judgment of the hurt that other people may be feeling in response to the use of certain words.
It is part of being an adult and we take the rough with the smooth and if things are said against us should we take it seriously and rise above it?. It seems to me the abandonment of all reason because the wokesters will ban or de platform all those who do not share their views so what happened to reasoned debate? Why is inclusivity morphed into exclusivity? I think this is a part of a downward spiral and I hope this is a fad which will disappear down its own backside sooner rather than later.

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