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Renegade church attender

I believe there was a Vineyard Church service this morning in my Radstock Methodist Church but I had no impulse to go. The Christmas and New Year I regard as private time, reflection time such as  what should I be doing in the new year, in what way can I become a better person,  so the last thing I want is ordinary every day chat.

Peace perfect peace

I am more than halfway through the area of peace which will end on Tuesday evening when people will start writing emails to which they expect a response. Now I have my own time and I can watch TV, stare into space, contemplate the world and keep this diary ticking over.

You will shortly see some modifications to the diary because although I am very keen on using  the landing page to lay out my wares, I tend to forget that many people are not interested in the detail which I can list elsewhere, but in getting on with the meat of reading the diaries themselves. Next Monday I have an appointment with Alan, my splendid local web developer and after that you will see the effect of his input.

I get really nostalgic watching TV programs over the Christmas. Because they bring out all the best. I’ve just been watching Ronnie Corbett at his great skill in engaging with his audience and of course with his partner in the double Act Ronnie Barker. I am of course of a certain age, but I find it very refreshing that someone can have a complete and wide ranging comedic career over many decades and never once resort to swearing.

Telephone etiquette

I had the telephone number of an old friend and called them. The message was unusual to say the least but intriguing. It said ‘do not leave a message otherwise in cases of emergency but please send me a text and I would call you back’.  I was inspired to write the following.

As you may or may not know, I am fairly nerdy in communications protocol. I know you have given up a fairly traumatic job and I wondered whether you had bulletproofed yourself against people calling especially at odd times when they might want to download traumatic stuff on you or should I say dump.
I would have done exactly the same in your situation by the way.  I wonder if you ignore all calls by default and just read text messages to decide which ones you wanted to respond to. That is a good angle but note that all the newer mobile phones have in effect caller ID so you can see who it is and decide to pick up or not.
I rather like the facility because when I see who is calling I can put myself in the state of mind to talk to that person. The process only takes a fraction of a second but that is enough. If I do not recognize the number, I ignore the call if I feel like it and certainly will ignore it if I’m engaged on something else.
Please note that this is not intended to interfere with your arrangements and I would give the comment to anybody, I just like everything to run as well as it can so if you can pick one or two bits up that could be helpful to you then in my book that is a result.
I’m one who includes my phone number on my website so it is available for all to read and respond to it as they wish. I am not a high profile person so perhaps it does not matter. It’s not like I’m a political person or someone with a huge fan base. I have not noticed any abuse by sales people. I get more from my mobile number.

Establishing priorities

The difficulty for me is finding priorities or letter say assigning the hours of the day to various aspects of my research and development. Every day that passes I’ve received at least a dozen must see video leads. I learned from each and every one of them and it pains me to let them go without looking at the first few minutes.
As the world situation develops (degrades) so quickly, so does the tone of the authors change so if you are away for a couple of weeks you miss a few chapters of the development. Of course, I am not an essential part of the whole machine. I play my part in spreading information and I suppose a few omissions here and there will not make any difference to anyone but for my own aesthetic satisfaction I like to have all pieces of the jigsaw  assembled together.

My work on Co@vid

My covid site has about 16,000 links to other links so you could say that least 75,000 total numbers of links including those in the various articles. There is more than enough for people who want to become familiar with any aspect of covid, that is if they want to, but as time goes on I feel that the frightened vaccinated people are less and less willing to take the views of the Independent observer and scientist into consideration because they would have to admit that they made a big mistake in receiving this untested medical procedure.
Why do I do it?
First of all for my own benefit. It is a stimulus that keeps me aware and alert of the latest developments, and there are many, and secondly that I might reach out to others for them to consider their positions. I do not consider myself as a typical campaigner or keyboard warrior. I like to keep people informed so they can make decisions in their own mind. I started this covid-unmasked . net  diary in March 2020 and we are coming on now to not so far away from four years work.
I do not begrudge this time spent. I feel that I have grown immeasurably in my understanding and my perspective and so do not fall foul of the various lies-  nearly everything we are told by the authorities is a lie –  and so I can develop my own space and minimize the stress. The understanding also inhibits the ability of outside circumstances to make me frightened hence my reference in yesterday’s diary to the exaggeration of the awfulness of the weather. Some actually believe this ‘fear porn’ drivel in spite of all facts to the contrary.
If you’re one of those people who is waiting for my escapades on my trip to London over Christmas I haven’t had the energy to do it yet but will pass on my observations on over the next few days.



Peter Hitchens: “It’s frustrating knowing that everyone else is wrong” Good common sense with lots of courage thrown in..
Neil Oliver: New Year Rant  says it all

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