Month: January 2024

Changing society, one person at a time

Today, a day with no engagements and pretty well up to date with my admin so there is nothing to do so guess what, I decided to do - nothing. Of course the contents of this diary, recording my life as a human being, is never far away from my consciousness. I wait for something to trigger me and sure enough something always does. I'm thinking about the conditions under which decisions are made,...

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IQ test, Private vs NHS Dentists, origin of words, the delights of application forms

First, an IQ test We have been aware for some time that our pond has a leak. I think it may have been due to the fact that roots of the water Irises have a strong desire to search for nutrition and they may have found a small crack in the rubber lining which they are exploiting. I decided to do an experiment, I let the water drain down to a stable level. It should be clear that the leak is not...

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The Joy of making Unexpected new friends

Today, up at 5:30 a.m. I decided to bake a large loaf of bread. I normally cook using 500 grams of flour but this time I decided to increase the amount by 50% and I doubled the amount of yeast. As a result, I have a loaf of bread that looks very much like a football and will probably keep us going for the best part of a week. Each day I comb about 30 offerings from all the websites and services...

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back to 1500 BC + being an even better friend

Yet more 'coincidences' I must be a walking advertisement for the need to follow your intuition because unusually I decided to go to breakfast early at Wetherspoons. It does not start to get busy until about 9:30 on Sunday so I put in my order which most people are trained to give with the utmost brevity. Table 37, freedom breakfast, hot drink. That's all you have to say. I went to the machine...

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30 Irritating phrases that drive me crazy – and you?

I always follow my impulses when deciding to do something out of the ordinary because it never gets me in to trouble and I always enjoy myself. This morning I decided to go to Porkies which as locals know is a working people's café on the industrial estate, 4th Avenue, Westfield. So here you see my breakfast in all its glory served at 7:45 this morning.   But my day started earlier than...

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Deep Dive – is prayer the most powerful force in the world?

I had a chat with my friend John today and we discussed various things including the writing of diaries. Brian: It's not the point of the number of people who read it. The point is that I uttered it  (this diary) and it's in my soul pattern and my aura through which I am uttering these things and thus becomes part of the general consciousness. John: You can't adjust yourself because of what...

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