A faltering start to the New Year + an unusual website

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Last night we watched TV end of year stuff; the usual ‘best of 2023’, nostalgic compilation videos of this personality or that, this time Ronnie Corbett, but far too much Freddie Mercury and Queen. I’m glad to say the threat of wind or rain did not put off the  brilliant firework display on the London Embankment. After this we went quietly to bed.

I am still in floating mode and taking advantage of the peaceful atmosphere that pertains over the holiday season which ends this Wednesday. This year I have had two weeks ‘off’. It started when I left for my sister’s in London on the 20th of December and it finishes tomorrow evening Tuesday 2nd of January 2024.

Anyone would think that I am a full-time worker but I’m actually a full-time person committed person which hours – wise makes no difference. It just means that I do work without being paid for it.

I have finally realized something about this diary website. People are not familiar with it and I lose them after they reach the first page because they don’t wish to read through the introductory material. I may adopt the same format as my covid website so watch this space (I may have said this before but I’m saying it again because it is on my mind). I don’t want to miss out on any readers because of initial confusion.

We read today that there was going to be more rain this afternoon as indeed there was so we went for a walk to my favorite rural place, Wellow, and went down to see the ford and took a couple of pictures. Strangely and pleasantly we met up with a walking group on the bridge which a narrow car can get along avoiding the ford without too much trouble.

We chatted away as if we’d known each other a long time. I met a woman with a very french accent who was in fact Italian. She lived in Swindon.  She said that French was her favourite language.  Swindon is about the most soulless place I can think of except for perhaps Milton Keynes and asked her why she moved there. With a funny grimace she could not answer me so I assumed that was a private matter. She just said ‘ I move around’.

We then went to the stables nearby. The restaurant was closed, so no hopes of having a coffee so we went for a walk along the old rail tracks to Bath.


approach to the pathway from the stables

We passed several groups of people. We greeted them as tradition dictates but noted that not one of them said ‘Happy New Year’. I engaged myself as I normally do with creating escape routes for rain water that collects in pools on the pathway.

I cannot say that the country is less alive in winter, it’s just at a different phase of its existence. It was about 6° centigrade, with a slight wind, and ideal for walking. Back via the stables and some curious maybe bored horses.

Back to cooking lunch –  a self- indulgent meal, plus consuming the remains of the bottle of champagne that we started yesterday. We binge- watched dash cam records of accidents and crazy things that drivers do. The rest of the day was spent mostly in a haze of doing fiddly things,  making courtesy calls and lapping up the last hours of holiday peace and quiet.


An optimistic site!!!  www.reasonstobecheerful. world
not a comprehensive site but a step in the right direction.

Good news from FoodCycle . They supply 500,000 meals across 62 communities in the UK.





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