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Tomorrow we have the start of a six-day strike by junior doctors in the UK. This issue is at the heart of our care system and I was motivated to search the internet to find how UK salaries compare with salaries in other countries in Europe. I did know that newly qualified doctors were paid less than baristas but you may still be interested to read this article in euronews about the facts and figures.

Are we living like sheep? Watch this  3:31 video about sheep who chose to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff in Turkey.

Do we need goals? How do we set them? Should we not be re-assigning priorities and casting aside what we no longer require. What do we need in order to love forward and upward?

I like articles such as this. Just Stop Oil = Just Stop Life (and living). Well done (again) Ethan Huff.

I had two interesting New Year conversations today. I thought that my conversation would be recorded on WhatsApp but you have to get a special application to record telephone calls which I have now done, rather late in the day.
I spoke to a friend of mine that I’ve known for about four years. He has spent most of his time in Africa working in the mining industry and currently lives in Plymouth with his sons; they are engaged in the tattoo business.

He called me from Lesotho which is a small country within South Africa to say that he was applying for the rights to mine gold and diamonds and use the profits to benefit the local community by education, improving agriculture and so on. I find the idea of living the last years of my life in the mid band part of the world quite attractive. In these countries there are real human beings we’ve share with their whole heart. They respect religion, they care, they listen. Something drives me to take an interest because it is such a departure from my normal way of living and thinking.

I did say to my friend that I will be glad to come and visit but he told me that it was too early on in the proceedings so I am going to visit him when he returns in Mid February and have a chat with him about the whole thing. I believe that the west is firmly controlled by Babylonian powers of evil. As Dr.Sherri Tenpenny said, it’s like someone has written a list of all the good things that we believe in and need, and then written another list of how to counteract then for example chemtrails to fill the sky with aluminium particles to prevent the sunshining, GMO foods instead of natural foods that will not do us any good, the removal or attempted removal of carbon dioxide which is nature’s life giving gas.

Is this a part of the world that I want to be in when these devils are applying this with their full force? I hope that in 2024 I will be jumping on the plane to Johannesburg.

The other conversation was with a longstanding friend from the north of England who has recently become divorced and has moved into a new property. Various unfortunate things have happened to him  after selling the house of the Ex. for example he was walking around the home and suddenly collapsed and it took him three weeks to recover, and then a 30 kilogram slab fell on the back of his leg and bruised him severely. He thought that this was nature’s way of saying that he has to calm down and look after himself. We are very good at giving advice to other people but not so good at taking it ourselves. Such is life.

I was watching Blaze TV in Sky which focuses on UFO’s and mysteries of ancient Civilizations and there was saying that underneath the South Pole there is an under ground world of huge dimensions where the U.S Air Force Exploratory a division under colonel Hyde flew through a huge hole underground, were intercepted by spacecraft, and encouraged to land. The beings there were very concerned about the state of the planet and whether we would destroy it or damage it through the use of such weapons as the atomic bomb.

I don’t have that much sympathy with people who ridicule such ideas because I think that act is primarily the sign of a lazy person especially in view of the considerable amount of evidence, both written, photographed, and eyewitness.

It is not intelligent to say that we can be the only civilization around and some say that the Earth has been visited more than 120 times. On the documentary we were shown a hammer made of iron that from the encrustations and environment must have been 100 million years old.

And so It goes on

Here is one to cheer you up. 177 ways the world got better in 2023

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