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The Methodist Bacon butty morning

We went along to the bacon butty morning which is held every other Saturday at the Methodist Church in Westfield about which I have written a few times. This was my fourth visit and I found the atmosphere as informal and friendly as ever. People are welcome to come irrespective of their belief in religion or attendance at church. It really is inclusive and anyone can walk in the door and will be welcomed.

We entered and ordered a bacon and egg butty for me and an egg butty for Francoise. Tea coffee were included. There was a problem with the food. The church order the cheapest bread rolls, I call them  ‘bouncy’ rolls. These consists largely of chemicals and inflatants so there is virtually nothing of any nutrition in them. We found that we got indigestion from the bread so I will have a word with them next time. The other problem was that the egg was under cooked so it ran all over the place. Never mind, there were plenty of cakes including Welsh cakes which are ideal to have with coffee and also many other tempting bits and pieces.

Mental difficulties at home

We joined a long table at which one of the local Councillors, Eleanor,  was holding fourth. She was a very active woman and spoke with authority on  many things. My goodness, activity and daily challenges keep you up to the mark. She drew my attention to a War memorial or plaque discreetly situated in the adjacent church room by the altar. It celebrated the fact that all the people who went to serve in the First World War came back alive and indeed gave their names.

She seems to have had a remarkable life did our counselor. She served as an outreach missionary in India for seven years and for some reason we discussed at length degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, sclerosis and osteo porosis. This was a problem experienced by the lady sat opposite me who said her husband was very caring, but also had a short temper.

He would be doing something, his wife would speak, and he would get irritated at her for disturbing his concentration. The sublime way she spoke about this indicated that she had learned to live with it. My comment was that people who need psychological help and support are often the last ones to ask for help and in fact do not know how to ask or even that they need help at all.


There must be millions of people in this country (UK) who are in effect carers for those who are gradually deteriorating and because they need to give care every day all day are virtually prisoners in their own home. Who thinks of caring for them? At what level of degeneration do you qualify to get social help? It is all too easy, I say to myself, to forget that the problems it exist because these people do not campaign on the streets or make a noise but society that neglects a section of its population is not a healthy society


This church has a modern touch. When I visited the church itself there was a laptop computer scrolling all the latest information on which these above were two examples

Food Banks

Francoise: she also spoke to the councillor who represented Westfield. She had had a surgery this morning Saturday and she was still waiting for two families to come along so she could help them sort out their problems.
The councilor spoke about food banks and said that in Radstock there are two food bank days . The one on Wednesday after noon is only for tinned food and is means tested. The one on Friday is a different kettle of fish altogether. You pay £3 and you get a box of food. There is no means testing so you do not have to be referred, unlike Wednesdays.

I feel there are problems of stigma with other food banks where you have to be referred to someone and demonstrate poverty.We were encouraged to think about bringing along surplus food from our own two allotments to the food bank.  The councilor has an allotment in Welton. 30 years ago someone planted a russet apple tree and every year she brings along produce of the tree to give to the bank.

Electric Bikes

A friend of mine told me how they given up a car and now rely on their electric bike for shopping and every day rounds. I do not feel particularly safe on a normal pedal cycle but I would love to try one and see how I feel. I would have to wear a safety helmet I imagine. I guess its a bit like a cross between a motorcycle and an ordinary bike. I know the main cost lies in the battery. You can buy bikes for £650 but I don’t know how long they would last.  Top of the range electric bikes are £3500.
The other problem will be theft. You would have to chain them up even if you popped into a shop because I imagine they would be very attractive to thieves. I would also consider putting a tracker on the bike though I am not sure if the police would be interested in even looking at it. Even if I found  out where it was, I have read cases when police haven’t even bothered to come around and just tell the claimant to ring them and get a crime number and then contact their insurance company. I would not take it to Bath or Bristol but I reckon it’s relatively safe here where I live.

Thought for the day

If our brain’s is designed primarily as an antenna we should be able to receive and absorb  information provided we are in the correct relaxed mental and emotional state. Second thought, are our five senses our five main enemies? Is our only bridge to the higher forces our intuition?


Mother Theresa is a fraud   Christopher Hitchins reports

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