What Early Birds Get Up to – killing Christians for sport

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An early bird rises

I arose at 4:30 this morning after having satisfied my need for sleep. There seems little point in remaining in bed if you do not feel tired. I signed on to Channel 5 and this to be able to watch historical programs and I watched a documentary film about the winter of 1947 and the unrelenting snow that fell for the best part of seven weeks. The floods that came after were of the worst.

Miscellaneous early news broadcasts included the demand for the minister who supervised the post office in connection with the software scandal should return her MBE. I could almost say that the ability of those in power to support each other is a protection racket. It seems that you can do anything including lying and you get away with it because the press are too scared to take up the case for the public. Who wants to lose their jobs.

Doctor’s Expenses and costs

In UK the six-day doctors strike is coming to an end with a little sign that the government are going to give in and I read a very interesting article, the link of which I enclose, telling about some of the expenses that doctors have to bear, almost like a tax for having the temerity to take up this profession.

These are the expenses, most of which are mandatory
Annual fees to the General Medical Council   £433
first part of the examination for new doctors £460
the first practical exam costs £657
trainee surgeons pay over £1000 per clinical exam
course to help you pass the exams  £1500
end of training exam £ 600
cost of parking a car £1000  a year
medical insurance £ 350

If you add that to your student debt which can be up to £100k it does seem that this profession is just for the well off or those whose parents can afford to fund them.

The murder of Christians in Nigeria

My goodness what a brazen and wicked world we live in.  I do not normally put a video in the main body of text but this is something else.  When the attention of the US authorities were drawn to this they attributed the murders to …. wait for it. . ..  climate change.

Buying wood for burning

A trivial thing you might say, buying logs. I noticed that in supermarkets and stores the price has gone up to about six pounds a net which will typically contain about 14 logs of wood about ten inches long.

I have described my visit to Longleat where I got substantially shafted so what are you paying for?  You’re paying for the wood itself, the way It Is chopped up, and whether it is dried or seasoned. Drying cat quite a lot to the cost. People tend to save money on chopping the sections of the log only in two or sometimes not at all. This makes them more difficult to burn.

In general, hardwood is a better deal because they are denser than softwoods and will produce more heat and burn longer.

However, softwoods do light quicker and can be cheaper but they are more resinous than hardwoods, meaning they are more likely to build up tar deposits in your chimney flue. You should get advice from your local provider; the best of all is Oak, Hazel or Hawthorne.

It is difficult to get a tonne of seasoned or kiln dried wood for under £120 and you may well pay more.  I have seen £160. Wood normally includes delivery. Looking at the prices of gas and electricity I honestly don’t know how they justify their prices. It may be that having a fire in the main living room or even better a stove which both heats the room and can be used for cooking commerce is the ideal solution.

This is a very high reading. There are only two of us and we were away for one whole week in this period. Goodness knows what the bill must be with a family with two or more children in a house. We only heat one room.

To the doctor

Whilst in the waiting room I spotted some really good attempts at de-stigmatizing conditions via a positive attitude.

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