The funnier side of life – a new phase in this diary

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Today I woke up to what was a bleak landscape within my head – what with our Post Office scandal in the UK and the Israelis doing an impression of Hitler versus the Jews , seemingly without any respite after three months . What is there to look forward to?  We have seen wars and disturbances for thousands of years. Apparently human nature considers that it is better to fight physically rather than sit down round a table and discuss things,  I suspect largely because humility and wisdom are lacking.

Animals fight to the death to establish the fittest and continue the domination of their species. Maybe we are doing the human version of this.

However, in spite of all, there remain human beings who are focused, family minded , who retain their intelligence and intellectual acuity, who ignore the ridiculous woke and inclusivity movement , (which is neither awake nor inclusive).  I shall focus from now on a more of the lighter side of life. This was sparked off by a recent visit to the lampooning and humorous website  called climate discussion Nexus subtitled ‘the National Climate Misassessment’.

Humor and art have been frequently used as a way of criticizing of authorities and it looks to me that this one will fall into that category.

One picture is worth a thousand words? Fred R. Barnard 1921 – promoting the use of images in ads.

From now on I shall be looking out more particularly for the positive side of human nature and exploring that in some detail. If the evil in the world had historically won out over the good, we would not be here now, so there is something to learn from history. Hence, with Monty Python in mind, off we go searching for the bright side of life.

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