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I’m quite curious to see in what way this diary will develop . In reality my diary records are a mixture of shared wisdom, commentary on current issues social and political,  observations on life here in Somerset. There is an opportunity for others to participate with their own views if they wish to engage with this platform.

In my work I come across very interesting links to articles of interest and as a matter of form I will put them at the bottom of each daily entry . I will only add something if it is exceptionally interesting and novel . One such is about the importance of carbon dioxide.

I would rather have a question that cannot be answered,
than an answer that cannot be questioned.
Dr Willie Soon

Where people are concerned I am more and more trusting my intuition in deciding whether to cooperate with them or ask their help . Today I have asked to have a session with a functional Kinesiologist called Kris.

Unusually, she visits clients on their own premises which does save some time and effort to traveling on a cold day and saves her having to hire clinic space. Kinesiology is bringing your mind, body and soul back into balance through what she calls functional Kinesiology. I mentioned that Francoise might want to be involved and she indicated that this would be acceptable.

I have had more interventions than I can count throughout my life whether it is a osteopathic session, a psychic reading, a healing, psychological counseling, acupuncture, directory advice, not to mention spontaneous contact with people who have helped guide me on my path.  In some cases I did not take much notice because I was not ready to hear what they had to say. Unless you get help and support from people after a session it is very difficult to find the strength of will to persist in the exercises, the disciplines, the way of life that the professional person has recommended.

When I myself help people in my psychic work, I always benefit and learn irrespective of the number of times that a similar problem has been presented to me so I am going to assume that the same thing will happen here this afternoon. Not all therapists are keen to learn as they work; we shall see whether this is an empathetic person or someone who is very much a one way person . She calls her company intelligent wellness…. so we shall see.

After the session……

Kinesiology regards the whole body as an energetic system as indeed does acupuncture. Kris, who we discover lives off grid, examined my intolerances via kinesiology  and made some recommendations. Investigation consists of testing the body for its resistance to and its muscle tension when various ‘witnesses’ or substances are placed in the energy field of the body. Through this, it can be established whether the substance is good or bad for the body and its workings.

Her words are outside the scope of this diary but what I want to concentrate on is the necessity or at least the desirability of rapport between the client and the professional. Rapport gets the session off to a flying start because even if the matters of mutual importance have not been discussed, there is a mutual sympathy rising from souls suffering in a similar way from the system that is being imposed upon us. In this case the rapport was there in plenty.

It is almost another language, fear-based versus pragmatic. Under these circumstances my learning curve or should I say the propensity to learn is increased. We can never have too much contact with people on our wavelength. Investing in people on our wavelength will pay off both in the short-term and the long term while we are still alive on this planet . Someone said, ‘keep your relationships in repair’. We don’t want to be fair weather friends but people that can be relied upon in all circumstances to be there for other people for help and support. —VIDEO LIBRARY——-
The Inconvenient truth about CO2, the gas of life.
Tucker Carlson introduces Dr. Willie Soon.

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