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Fun bits and pieces

My goodness, if I had time to read every article I republish on my covid site, I would not have any time for sleeping.  There is endless scope for getting side-tracked.    Here is a most interesting article on the energies of colour.  Various colours and shown together with suggestions on in what contexts they can be used.  Do have a read here.

Another one that drew my attention. Soul groups, karma, multidimensional relationships and more — spiritual phenomena explained...’Did you ever meet someone and felt as though you knew that person for a long time?’ Simple stuff, anyone can get something from this article.

Here’s a lovely short from Instagram about a squirrel with a fine acting ability

OH and yet more for those of us who love reading about EV’s and the infamous exploding batteries. When shipping companies ban the transport of EV’s we know we have a problem.

Quantum entanglement

I have taken the day off today. I woke up at 10:30 am and did various household chores so by my standards, a louche day indeed. It is minus 2 degrees at the moment so a great opportunity to sit in front of a log fire and watch TV.
To the doctors to have a blood test. I decided to try and break the world record for speed from the time I went to sit down in the nurses office to the time I left and it was 2 minutes 15 seconds.

A curious and welcome phenomena happened today. I had asked a friend to assist me with problems of feeling overloaded and he responded saying that he would be happy to speak to me on the phone  tomorrow morning . Some sort of pre-transmission or pre sharing occurred and I found that the problem which I had found so great was no longer troubling me so I just got on with it and work through the task . I think we are meant to be together . I don’t think this is a sign of weakness that I may be wrong , it’s all about being together in an energetic relationship with someone else. ‘ we are members one of another ‘ as the good book says. I would not thrive in solitary confinement.


It is more and more obvious that there’s going to be a new engineered virus scare. The plan – as it has been for decades – is depopulation. I’m just reading a book by Dr. Vernon Coleman laying out the whole thing in graphic detail. This is an age where the nature of the battle between Good and Evil is becoming more and more obvious. It is a polarizing thing and is a wake-up call for everyone .

That can’t be bad in itself but once the  WHO get the power to declare a pandemic and order a lockdown throughout the world then I don’t fancy our chances very much . This is due to commence in May this year so I suspect that all traveling abroad should be done by then . Sorry to be a misery guts but I have to face facts. I could almost say, wake up or die.

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