A great talk on communication techniques and assumptions

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CIA Spy On WW3, Jeffrey Epstein, Israel-Hamas, AI & Social Media Brainwashing | Andrew Bustamante
A brilliant three hour film on the world situation. human nature and how to be understood.

This is one of the most exciting, morale-restoring experience recorded in this diary I have made due to a video that because it lasts longer than three hours I can pretty much guarantee that most people will not watch it (how’s that for negative programming?).  It was a feast for my soul. In terms of two people being on the same wavelength, respecting each other, having a high level of mental acuity, being very knowledgeable It reminds me of what human beings are capable of in terms of conversing.

The word ‘converse’ has a rich history (as do so many words). Here it is out of the Etymology Directory

mid-14c., “to move about, live, dwell; live or behave in a certain way” (senses now obsolete), from Old French and French converser “to talk, open communication between,” also “to live, dwell, inhabit, reside” (12c.), and directly from Latin conversari “to live, dwell, live with, keep company with,” passive voice of conversare, literally “to turn round with,” from assimilated form of com “with, together” (see con-) + versare, frequentative of vertere “to turn” (from PIE root *wer- (2) “to turn, bend”).  Sense of “to communicate (with)” in English is from 1590s; that of “talk informally with another” is from 1610s. Related: Conversed; conversing.

There are so many hints and tips from this Ex CIA Spy about getting through to people, selling ideas, when to back off, how much of your self to expose. Altogether the talk is a master of strategic thinking and I thoroughly recommend the channel.   I don’t really want to write anymore about it because I think it’s wonderful that the plot opens up before you.

Today I felt calm on rising which I did about 6:30 a.m. to witness the usual news items about wind, rain and pestilence. I had a hearty breakfast at seven o’clock consisting of a freshly made hamburger and fried eggs. I felt the my duty today was to sit calmly and not do anything in particular. Why not? I was talking about my stomach yesterday. It may be that it is a question of tension in the solar plexus and anything that believes that would allow the whole digestive system to function better.

Today,  my redesigned site – a part of which you are reading – is to be seen for the first time.  Any views on layout and presentation are welcome.

I have yet to fully publicize this website but hopefully that when I do the readership will increase. Most people write diaries primarily for themselves and I’m sure that my exemplar, Samuel Pepys, did the same because in his time the printing press had only recently been discovered. If you can find the time to the video you will be richly rewarded. I am so picky about videos because I see so many of them each day in connection with my research work but to me anyway it stood out like a beacon.

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