Deep Dive – is prayer the most powerful force in the world?

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I had a chat with my friend John today and we discussed various things including the writing of diaries.

Brian: It’s not the point of the number of people who read it. The point is that I uttered it  (this diary) and it’s in my soul pattern and my aura through which I am uttering these things and thus becomes part of the general consciousness.

John: You can’t adjust yourself because of what readers might think of it. If you do that you will sink but unfortunately truth and it’s uttering comes with consequences.

Brian- Everything has consequences including doing nothing.

John – that is the worst of all

Brian: I have engaged a new colleague. An interesting thing and why I get on so well with him is that he has got this magic gift – and I think it is a gift –  of a sense of humor and we joke and it makes such a difference and I realised (again) with most people that I might as well be talking to people in cages. They are confined by themselves

John – that is the whole root of this – restriction.

Brian – when you come across someone with less restriction,  even that small amelioration is such a relief so I’m actually in joy now and I look forward to discussing the way forward with the colleague.

I need at least one human contact per week to keep me going.

Brian: on politics for a moment, if they go through with a diabolical plan it’s going to be so devastating. I cannot see the rebellion coming from the UK, rather from other places. I can’t see it going through. I can see them trying but I can’t see success.

John: How about the 5G network? Nobody’s complaining about that anymore. They have got all of the satellites. They have got all of these needed to pick up your field. They have got the potential to do all of this but the problem is you can’t capture the soul. You can only capture a soul if it is not free. If you try to do things to people’s bodies for instance the soul doesn’t want it, it is against free will. If there is free will still remaining then you are not going to be able to capture anything . It would be like trying to catch fresh air with a fishing net.

Brian: About prayer

John: Prayer is essentially talking to your higher self. You are a representative of God. You are represented at all the different interfaces and therefore you appeal to the self which is still at those levels with a wider band of knowledge beyond yourself. You only dip a little bit into being a human being. You only poke a little bit of yourself into there because it is all that the human body can accommodate to perform its purpose. But the soul itself is a far far wider perspective which is in fact not separate from others and therefore the whole of knowledge in the universe and beyond is available to you should you wish to access it.

Prayer is  a mechanism of the recognition of the position of what we call God when we pray to Him but its essentially yourself in a higher state.  So you are appealing to your higher self to deliver knowledge to you, here, so that you can actually operate and solve the questions that you want to solve.

Brian: So is it like tuning a radio to your real self

John: yes. You have got lots of ‘real selves’ all the way back to Godhead.  There are all sort of different interfaces. . Each interface came through you, you have a concomitant representation or a memory. If you re-address from that perspective you become that within it, but still within the confines of this physical life and therefore understanding will pass down to you in order to inform you as to what to do from a wider perspective.

Remember we talked about interfaces and things like this. Yes there’s all these different different ways at each interface you came through, you have a representation or a memory if you re-address that from that perspective you become that within it with still within the confines of here and therefore understanding will pass down to you in order to inform you as to what to do for a wider perspective.  Then people can say  ‘I had a message from God or whatever.’ It is also possible for others to directly affect you, like other living souls can affect you, your father for instance or in another category the spiritual person that you believe in such as Jesus. It can can also influence you yourself but you have to be resonant with that field effect. It is invisible.

Brian: I had a problem with my stomach I had to leave a meeting due to discomfort and this person said they would pray for me and asked Jesus to rebuke the stomach.

John: If someone prays for you they are praying through their higher self to your higher self because it’s all  oneness. So in other words, when someone prays for you it is real. They are actually influencing you.

Brian: Yes I want to discuss the mechanism of influence with you. Is it is it quantum entanglement?

John: it’s already pre-intangled. Everything is ‘entangled’ there, on the other side of atoms, like One Being. You know it’s like asking ‘are all the instruments in an orchestra entangled’ when they’re all coming through one wire to my speaker.

Brian: I’ve got this cynical thing about Americans. They only pray when they’re in debt or when their life is threatened.

John: Then they’re going to move within a materialistic frame so then they’re not going to get any sort of expanded view on that because it’s the restriction itself. If you start asking for money or win the lottery or stuff like that then effectively you’re asking for a continuance of what you are.  And then that effectively leads to black magic, the opposite effect.

Brian: So would you say that meditation is a step in the right direction

John: Not necessarily. Mediation is one of those words that gets beaten about in different ways. It used to be things like Transcendental  Meditation TM and all of this sort of stuff where you would lose your mind to the wider perspective. The problem is that losing your mind actually abrogates your freedom of will, which means that you can be possessed. So the meditation you do is to be aware of everything, but cut out extraneous fields.

Brian: the word ‘possess’ seems a little strong.

John: If you lose your self control then something else will take over. Millions of souls are desperately trying to get back into life to play off their karma they’re all sitting right at the edges of atoms. They will take any opportunity to move into the interior of the atomic frame in other words to have life again. If you have an apathetic mind and you don’t really care or if you have two too much alcohol for instance, you can actually lose the ability to control your own mind. When that happens anything that’s got any resonance with your thought processes, for example aggression or lusts, or whatever it is, is going to is going to start to influence you because it’s you’ve let your  free will powerless.

you’ve got to be weak to do this so possession mind if you are very strong mind it means you’re applying will to what you want to do we create nothing can touch you you’re entitled control of what you are but it’s been the majority of people that’s not quite true because they’re education is highly limited the drive to do something about their own situations it highly limited and therefore they these people are at risk of actually being influenced by other mental effects which occur at the edges of atoms

Then you can have a whole screen of these things attached to you and therefore people’s personalities can change over time. They can become possessed because there’s another influence on their back and people can change.

It is often seen within families because they biologically vibrate similarly via the DNA but the same thing is on a more tentative level with people with particular ways of thinking like hatred or like anything that’s negative.

This phenomena is going to be right in the ballpark of these people that are right at the edge of atoms because if you didn’t have those emotional thought processes then you would have essentially the opposite and you’d move further away from them and they wouldn’t have the capacity to actually address your vibration and you wouldn’t notice it.

John: We are all subject to the laws of entropy which means that in the next second the situation is not as good as it was before.

Brian: Well isn’t it  focus?

John:  It it different to taking your mind away.

Brian: isn’t it prioritization and noise reduction? If you envisage something you’re thinking of yourself at a higher level.

John: when you think of yourself at a higher level it does not vibrate as you do. You’ve got a heavy vibration, lots and lots of noise. You got to take away the noise, but still be aware of what it is you’re observing. And a lot of people they think just losing your mind like taking drugs for instance while allow you an expansive view which to an extent it does. The problem is that you hit the first thing on the edges of atoms which are intelligent beings and forms. A lot of people who do meditation and this type of thing say they see such things.

Brian: I want to get more sublime and so just to reprise what you said we are tuning into higher version of ourselves in other words we’re not aiming to influence other people or are we saying that as a result of our orientation we will automatically benefit other people

John: the point is that the thing you’re appealing to – is something that you are a member of what is a continuum of effect. This is the opposite of the partial effect, the individualization which you get on earth and so you are appealing to this common overview of everything, which contains pretty well all knowledge except that which is beyond the interface of the Universe and you have a much much wider perspective.

When you say I want to help this person over here and you appeal to that, it’s still the same thing as praying from the effect you have. It’s the same thing because if you want something to happen it will take care of itself and happen because the continuum will invigorate or inspire the other person to do the things or make a change.  It’s the same as in personal prayer.

Brian: Do we have an impact on that person symbology to altering their energy fields?

John: absolutely. You alter the soul, you alter it from the top and they alter their field,  based on whether they accept or reject or even detect what you did.

That’s what happens when you pray for other people and usually praying for other people if it’s to their benefit and not so much to yours, it’s more likely to succeed because that’s the nature of the continuum is to be together. It’s not to do with – we call it entanglement here – but in fact it’s like a symphony there.

It’s like a whole piece of music when we are instruments within that orchestra in a way.

Brian: So when we say that someone is praying powerfully for us what we’re really saying is that their orientation is such that the prayers they pray are devoid of noise and they’re more likely to reach the target or have an effect.

John: absolutely. So something like healing is where your healing something in a physical frame. It’s a more telepathic, electromagnetically orientated function, which actually affects DNA and you can profoundly affect somebody and heal them that way but you can also affect their souls to do that, by giving them the knowledge and you can actually send them knowledge or the knowledge to do something about it. That’s how spiritual healing works in that way.   There are different vectors to the same thing.

Brian – So you pray to the soul the soul says to the rest ‘do you want this package or not’ and the rest will either resist it or not

John: absolutely that’s all automatic once you think it,  it’s already sent, and done, or not, depending on the person themselves.  A lot of people with spiritual healing and stuff like that, the recipient might not even know that they’ve been affected but suddenly they’ll feel better or they go ‘I had an idea it was like this and I used this’ but they don’t realize it’s coming from somewhere else.

Just understand what you’re praying to is a continuum of effect of which you are a functional part but you’re only a functional part from when you’re alive. When you are dead, you are all of it.

Brian: so you can’t pray for yourself when you’re dead

John: No there’s a lot you can’t do but you can pray for somebody who is dead and influence them.

Brian: I think the sanest people are the ones that are a bit mad.

John: You need a sense of humour. It  lightens you. Truth is light, it is not heavy.  If you become heavy you become a machine, and a machine is just data and therefore data doesn’t have humour. It’s a thing which is beyond matter.

Brian: On other matters, I guess that Trump may get in at President next time.

John: it seems that way so but none of us know enough. The thing with information like science, mathematics, or whatever is that you can actually logically investigate something. If it’s like politics, which is based on half lies and lies and subterfuge and levels of different understanding, an ordinary person is right at the bottom of the chain when it comes to understanding what’s really happening.

Therefore the decisions the ordinary person make are nearly always wrong. They don’t know what they’re looking at as they’re looking at the whole set of lies. Their people give you manifestos and then they don’t adhere to them and the whole thing is just this mish-mash of lies and selfishness.

Brian:  I think that when the government tries to put in something like another lockdown, fewer people will trust them and more people in UK will rebel.

John:  Remember that nearly 20 million people didn’t take any vaccines. And those people are going to get in pissed off if you try and lock them down again and then you start putting all the WHO stuff to them from this May 2024 it’s going to be a crunch point for that.

Brian: so when people pray for me, there is no guarantee that anything will happen because they have to be correctly orientated and so do I so we almost need a prayer session to get us in the state for a Prayer session?

John:  You’ve got to be allied with that person in some way here in life. Or  you’ve got to add to all souls so you can pray for them and in fact you already do. All human beings do that, and that’s what we call this Gaia field. This is the average consciousness communication between all beings of that species, and that species line contains things like morphogenic fields.

It tells you how to make a human being, but if human beings keep dropping the conscious input to that, then the whole thing will drop into the next most stable level and that’s what we call devolution, and you start generating ape like behavior. That’s because nobody ever addresses these higher functions. They stop doing it.

Brian: so it seems to me that most television and most entertainment and most time it is chipping away at the soul to make you think that it’s not a soul

John:  The ‘entertainment’  is chipping away at the receptor system which is the brain mind function. You can’t really address the soul until you die. But they are making it more restrictive to allow that type of thinking through from a higher point of view so you have a more materialistic functional point of view.  This thinking will keep you in this material format.

Brian: everyone has their value but in my case I just need a minimal amount of empathy and off I go.

John: Empathy is one of the key words that explain this concept of prayer whether you do it for the whole world or you do it for an individual or you do it for people in suffering. If you set your will, your drive to them it does have an effect, but given the amount of carnage that’s going on it can be minimal and it also depends on how much you empathize with that function.

Brian:  It’s about the intention. I wrote a special piece so my attitude is slightly adjusted as a result of this conversation when I do something I’m doing it for the human consciousness so as me sitting at my desk …

John: because that is what you are. You are just extending it throughout, you are recognising that you are attached to all other human beings and you’re using that facility either to localize something from this perspective – from the Earth’s perspective – like praying for somebody who’s sick or somebody you know who is suffering. You can also do it for people who are not alive because they are part of our kind and you can have access to and from anything connected with them,  although you don’t necessarily always see the result of what is happening.

Brian: I sometimes get down periods and flat periods when I feel I am completely on my own. This does self correct but sometimes on some mornings I wonder what am I doing and I lose it. I guess everyone feels like this from time to time but it may be a time related thing or unfortunate constellations or something like that.

John: This has to do with the receptor mechanism. The brain is in the aerial and it takes a little while to warm up when you wake up so basically you’ve only got …. a lot of people wake up and the higher functions are not really switched on yet.

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