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Today, a day with no engagements and pretty well up to date with my admin so there is nothing to do so guess what, I decided to do – nothing. Of course the contents of this diary, recording my life as a human being, is never far away from my consciousness. I wait for something to trigger me and sure enough something always does.

I’m thinking about the conditions under which decisions are made, or shall we say the seed of an idea is developed from just an idea to a plan to full manifestation. Nature has been around for aeons, millennia, well before human kind arrived on the earth and it will no doubt remain after we have departed this life or destroyed our lives through wars and such like. Pretty much everything that happens to us in terms of growth and decay, of sophistication and simplicity, can be found in the patterns of nature. One such is the giving birth to new life in all animal species and I do include human kind in that.

There are three factors that are required to bring a new human life into existence and they are a sperm, and egg and thirdly and most importantly an appropriate environment or warmth and moisture. Similar to that process are seeds that we use in our gardens and our allotments. Seeds as a single unit, unlike the sperm and egg, contain all the information they need but require an environment that has enough moisture in it to trigger the seeds into life together with the necessary nutrition and conditions such as temperature.

Now, you say, we know all that, so what’s new?

When someone has an idea no matter what sort of idea it is, it can be regarded as a seed. Very few seeds reach maturity. In our society and that can be for a number of reasons. Maybe the ideas are too ambitious, may be they are unrealistic, maybe they need assistance of a number of people without which there are insufficient resources to bring the idea into reality, or maybe is just a question of finance i.e. if you want to build something you need a certain amount of physical resources and these are not available.

However, there are many ideas on the social and cultural aspect of life which the individual or a small group is quite capable of bringing about. It would be lovely to bring a group of people together who live in the same area and ask them what they would like. Society needs continual renewal, because some groups are attended by older people and tend to fade away and this leaves a gap that needs to be replaced by new and younger groups who may indeed for fill the same function.

Committees are for some purposes necessary when for example local funds have to be dispersed and members of the committee have to take responsibility for various aspects of the manifestation plus they have to be answerable to the community at large. However for a certain type of idea committees can be the kiss of death. There was a film ‘Lost in Translation‘ with Bill Nighy; I often use this film title as a meme for when a person has a good idea and it is twisted and modified ever so slightly to take away its power.

I do not think that any committee, however wise, can evaluate with certainty whether an idea will be successful or not. I feel the best plan is to find out who wants to do something new, whatever it is, no matter how outlandish the idea, and present it directly to the audience. It is most important that the audience hear and see and therefore pass an opinion on those who speak and take part as necessary

I believe that the more open and transparent the speaker, or the seeder is, the more that the right people can be attracted come over thereafter to meet in a state of fellowship. It could be that the group is destined to be small. For example a dozen people but to me that is very satisfactory and I feel that the town or small city will have achieved it’s objective. If you can imagine doing this on a large scale with many ideas of a disparate nature I think you could make even the most ordinary town very much more colorful and attractive.

For example, an ‘Open Gardens’ day which would enable people to open up their gardens say one Sunday a year and have a chat about how to make the best of a small space. We could have another group for nationals from a particular country and they could speak in their own tongue and also retain some feeling of their origins.

This sort of local initiative will certainly not make the national headlines, far from it, but I think it could make life a lot easier for many people who having been introduced to those who share their own interests could have a basis for friendship and companionship. This could be even more important for those who were living on their own, or those who had been widowed for whatever reason. We are all hard wired to need fellowship and this would go somewhere towards filling the gap.

I am saying this partly because we, the electorate, are pretty much on our own. Our governments have signed up to a globalist agenda which can be entitled the New World Order. If you look at the agenda which is being carried out now, it is to do with the abolition of all differences between countries, the abolition of all private property, the part abolition of all flying except for the occasional treat, no meat or dairy, the abolition of the use of fossil fuels, the reduction in use of private motor vehicles, the introduction of 15 minute cities, the abolition of religion and churches. Be controlled by 5G via chips in the body … The list goes on and on.

The theme is that by 2030 you will ‘Own Nothing and Be Happy’

The same policies are being enacted in all countries with varying degrees of push back the like of which we are seeing in Germany, France, Canada, Germany, USA with the borders with Mexico but alas not much in this country of the United Kingdom.

So our dear political  leaders, having sold their souls to this globalist plan have to give the impression or pretense that they are actually caring for us when in fact the converse is true. In the Bible, it says that no man can serve two masters. Their behavior certainly bears this out. So it’s rather a dystopian view but that’s what we have allowed to happen and it is up to courageous individuals to stand up for what they believe in.

We all have to live with ourselves, and more importantly the world we are creating for our children and grandchildren. This is our responsibility. To do nothing is all that is required to allow the dystopian movement to succeed.

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