Near Death Experiences – what do they mean?

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NDE’s near death experiences are when during an operation or after an accident you temporarily leave your body and have insights and intimations of what life is like on the other side. It has nothing to do with mediumship, clairvoyance, remote viewing, rather what happens when you cast off your body which I call an overcoat, and in a way have a sneak preview.

One of the best channels is ‘Next Level Soul’ with Alex Ferrari who’s interviews are long, insightful, and he actually lets everybody speak without butting in every few moments. If you want a ton of these examples, go into YouTube and type in ‘near death experiences interviews’ and you have a good few days worth of compulsive watching.

The common denominator is that the subjects are aware that they are letting go of their body, they often feel blissful and free of all restrictions, they may often meet angelic beings, people will come up to them saying they are their guides and giving their name, they meet long lost relatives who are welcoming them, get a life review when they see everything they have done and the effect on other people apparently all at the same time. They get the chance to feel the pain that they inflicted on others.

They are told that they have to go back to their bodies as they have work to do, and sometimes with great reluctance most of the time, they agree. During the time they are away from their bodies, they are aware of what is being said about them by the doctors including one who said to his colleagues outside the operating theatre ‘ we have lost her’

Here is a small exert from a subjects seeing the world or rather the lack of the material world, from another perspective

Subject: .… myself fully not suppress myself I was meant to come here and be a full expression of this soul that chose to come into this body and the fact that we believe that we constantly have to work at being good means our fundamental belief about ourselves is that when not good, we’re bad, we need to work on ourselves. That is actually the flaw, the belief that we’re not good. We really have to know that my soul is amazing. My soul is a facet of God.

So basically what I learned is that each one of us is a facet of God or love or pure consciousness expressing itself through this body and when we do things that are not good it’s because we’ve lost our way, we’ve lost sight of that, we lost sight of who we truly are and so I had been repressing who I am because of cultural conditioning, social conditioning I had repressed who I am.

So this was my body’s way of saying hey this is not who you are. The body is kind of fighting back, your soul is fighting back and so when I learned that I am much more powerful than I thought and I’m an expression of God that’s when I made the decision to come back into my body. Now that you know the truth of who you really are and who you’re meant to be, your body will heal very very dramatically which is what happened.

Interviewer: so about the karmic aspect of things because for my understanding I agree with you this whole tit-for-tact thing is not what I understood too from to speaking to so many other death experiences and spiritual Masters and so on. My understanding the karma is more of the soul’s choice to when they do come back I have to experience the opposite of this for me to continue this journey, and it’s a choice it is not a rule, its how you see it.

Subject:  let me tell you exactly how I see it. I never want to make anyone else wrong. We all struggle with finding the right language to interpret it and so sometimes you have to hear from a few different people to piece it together.

So my version of it is that we definitely choose to come here but the way it felt for me is that my soul chose to come here and my soul had an intention so it comes with an intention, and this addresses what is free will and what is destiny so for me destiny is not written in stone. Following your destiny means following the intention of your soul.

What did my soul plan to come here to accomplish and achieve and do and be and how did my soul plan to come and change the world and be of service and so on and so you come with this intention.

But while we’re here we sometimes get knocked off the rails. We get derailed. We learn things, we teach, we lose our way and in my case we all forget along the way. In my case I was completely repressed who I am to the point where my soul was fighting back by giving me symptoms and wake up calls in my body that this is not who you are not here, to be a dormant.

You’re not here to succumb to all this fear. You’re not here to be a people pleaser. You’re much more powerful than that but in my case I was repressing and I was fighting it because I thought I can’t let my dad down and can’t let my culture down it as I was going against the intention of my soul.

Ed. – My reaction to the above is that it enormously increases my psychological and spiritual stability. That death is not the end, far from it, and that there are loving influences waiting to welcome us is more than a tonic. The most interesting thing about all the hundreds of accounts I have seen is that they are consistent in their content. I said that they just feel blackness and then they return to so-called normal life.

I cannot talk about this freely with my evangelical friends. A forbidden area to some types of psychology where when we die we either go to heaven or Hell depending on how good we have been and this seems to me to be very arbitrary and frankly rather nonsensical because it takes no account of the efforts we have made, not just whether we have adopted a particular faith.

We are all one consciousness and everyone departed from infinite love in different ways for different reasons and our return journey must be unique and timely for the development of our souls. Rather than persuade someone to adopt a particular faith or belief we should show by our example what unconditional love Is and hope that we are attractive enough to ask questions of us. The words of Jesus are not a bettering ram, rather an invitation to ‘live life, and live more abundantly’


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