How do we write a book?

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Do you write a book or does it write itself?

I find that when the time is right, a book will write itself. I have written three books on energy and auras and I wrote from my heart and the whole thing was finished in a month. The book was not up to any scientific or academic purist standard but then it was telling a story of an individual and his discovery of a particular phenomenon. In a way, this diary is a type of book. I find a theme for each day ‘discovers’ me and as I have said before, I wonder where I get the inspiration from for continuous new material I suspect from the Morphogenetic field as Rupert Sheldrake would say. We do not possess anything.

There are so many how-to books so I don’t want to duplicate. My friend John is publishing something on quite an esoteric theme and I think it is the attitudes that I want to get across not so much do this and do that. You have to read through other matters but you will get enough clues to orientate you if you read the material below carefully. John’s book is still at the first trimester stage but the fetus has life.

Before setting pen to paper as we say you need to decide the target audience. If you write for everybody you write for nobody. If it is a scientific matter you have to decide the level of achievement is it for high schools, graduates, PhDs, professors, or just the so-called man in the street. There is a difference between popularizing, and dumbing down. The latter can be seen as patronizing and simplistic so do with care

If I’m in writing mode I tend to take great notice of any idea that comes to me. It is like a bird landing on my shoulder. It will not be there forever and although you think you will never forget the idea, it is remarkably easy to forget the details. I carry a mobile phone which functions as a tape recorder (that shows you how old I am) but if you don’t have one or don’t like carrying them than a notebook will do. I do not use books because I cannot read my own writing which is not hugely helpful.

Do not forget that ideas occur at night and in dreams. It is naive to think you will remember all the details when you’ve had your first cup of tea or coffee and so again it is a good idea to keep a notepad and a light by your bed

One of the best writers I have come across is Bill Bryson. He has a great talent for integrating historical detail and has a dry sense of humour which makes a real page turner, even the dullest subject can spring to life in his hands. I think with his factual books he does add a touch of creativity from time to time but then that is harmless. I have seven of his books. I read them in the evening and try and cast aside the other more serious material of the day

The meat of the comment about writing is near the bottom of this piece and is about the language used by the writer versus the language used by the intended recipients. It is very easy to write into thin air and miss your target completely by a mismatch of the cover design for example and the mentality of the potential clients. Please please get a knowledgeable person to read the script be it a smaller or large book. If you are using a standard publisher then they will do the job for you and remember if they are critical they are only trying to maximize the interest of the book so if they dismiss some of your cherished ideas then bite your tongue.

Amazon can publish your book either on Kindle or hard copy but you have to do the marketing and to be fair some people make a success of it. The devil lies in lack of detailed planning and preparation. Vanity publishing or self-publishing can be good but don’t forget that the publishers have their own well-developed network of potentially interested people. Follow the rules and don’t send your work to many people at the same time. That would be called messing people around.

Ask for technology I strongly recommend speech-to-text as you can ‘write’ as fast as you can speak. It does require considerable attention and experience to use this medium. You need to proof read as you speak. It is a good idea to shut yourself away from telephones and visitors. I could not manage an average of 1500 words per day if I had to actually type all the material.
Some people write better in the mornings, some right better in the afternoon’s and some in the evenings but with other people it doesn’t really matter. I am pretty much online all the time from when I wake up so whenever I get an idea I write it down. Most of the diary entries you see here arise from one sort. “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.” Paul Klee same with text, one idea leads to another.


Here is one of my chats with my friend John.

Brian: I have a decreased tolerance or even the  ability to communicate at all with people who are not not just approximately on the same wavelength but exactly.  I think this is a refining of souls going on because it’s not personal I just look at someone and think ‘I don’t know who I’m looking at’  It seems very judgmental as in the Old Testament.

John: Being a scientist separates you from 95% of society in the first place because you’ve got a different language and people like lawyers have got a different language too, and they seem to be able to communicate with the general public a little better even though what they write is unreadable.

You’re separated as a scientist. It therefore becomes clearer  to you because you can sort the wheat from the chaff in terms of information, provided you’ve got a wide enough background. The ordinary person goes wandering off things in all sorts of different directions and then you have to point out the logic of that.

I find it fun to do that. but your biggest problem is the informed intransigents.  They say ‘yes we have the knowledge’ and you go ‘well what is the knowledge’ and they say, we don’t know but we have it.  This becomes a really big problem especially with the general public. It is a very difficult thing and that’s why they come up with this thing like covid, and the weather. All to programme people into fear and disassociation.

The ordinary person really can’t understand enough to be able to discern what’s going on, and in fact the powers that be have been controlling this for many many years with wars and all of these sorts of things. They give you a reason for why they’re having a war or a potential war or all of these conflicts are happening and in fact half of them are not happening in anything like the severity that is claimed.Some are far more serious and some are going on and they never tell you.

Brian:  Tucker Carlson’s has just interviewed Vladimir Putin and I think that will be very interesting indeed. How many wars has Russia started?

John:  not many.

Brian: With America I think they’ve interfered with 200 countries so it’s pot calling the kettle black time.

John:  whoever has got the media and political power is going to claim the high ground.

Brian.  Changing the subject I’m with a local Christian group one of whose members is behaving in a manner inconsistent with sharing . I find that visceral anger wells up within me and it is more comprehensive than just a fit of anger if say I’m going to miss a bus or something.  I cannot control it and it rises up, it’s like the tide coming up. Have you heard any experience of this sort of thing ?

John; yes, constantly. What do you mean that this person is opinionated and will not take your point of view, or is just plain wrong?

Brian: someone gave a little talk as a church service and I said I would just love a copy of that because it was so good but she refuses to give it to me on various pretexts. Currently I get the impression that although the message was given freely by the Holy Spirit she has purloined it to be a part of her intellectual property. I really hope I am wrong

John: you could make fun of them. Make light of things. You don’t have to hurt these people. If you just express your opinion and not offending them then there is no harm in that but if you call them an idiot and that’s fair enough. You can say that her attitude towards sharing is diametrically opposed to that which your ethics are supposed to encourage. Working in a scientific background everyone was trying to do things for mankind and all of this whilst getting large grants to do it,  so you want the grant or do you want to help people?

You find these contradictions in religious circles a lot  because people are trying to translate something which doesn’t apply to a material universe but they’re trying to apply it in a material universe. They are saying ‘go back to God, go to heaven. Well then, go to heaven! Don’t set up a society here to try and live here. You do things for the benefit of others and setting up these societies but as soon as they become that they become these formalized religions and then there is only one way to do things according to them and that’s not true.

Brian:  I reckon the best unit is one person and if they were a hermit that will be better. I question whether I’m a social being though I will dive into the swimming pool for say half an hour a day have my swim and meet lots of people and then retreat to sitting in front of this computer and reading and if I had to be with people all the time I go nuts because I’d have to continually translate down what I was thinking I can’t take it. It’s not what I’m here for.  You really have to do as much translation between yourself and scientists as you do to normal people because each cohort speaks a different language you really do as much translation to the scientists as you do to a normal people.

Brian: they speak Greek and you speak German and you know I mean if were you I would require continuous utter concentration on getting in to the mindset of certain scientists. You could use testinomies of doctors and I think you could use that  as a bit of pepper and salt in your book.

John: I don’t have colleagues. Anicdotal material will be rejected wholly by science. They have changed the definition of science in the dictionary. It’s only an acceptance of the natural or what is called naturalistic phenomenon. In other words if it ain’t Athens it aint fact and therefore the old idea that knowledge was pursuit of the truth is not the same now. Science was in fact pursuit of truth but in any field, and now they’ve restricted it to atomic processes.

They changed it two or three years ago and then they changed other words. They saw they were on a roll here so they changed the word pandemic to mean something else. They changed the word vaccines to mean something else. All these words they had their meaning changed. This is the ministry of Truth.

Brian: so it’s a bit like being in the Gaza strip. All the buildings bombed around you and you are just walking around.

John:  They have produced all of this filth and the majority of the population haven’t got a knowledge base or the moral compass. If you have not got that you ain’t gonna believe any of this stuff.

Brian: I was thinking also about what we spoke about – so much information – but one of my memes is that we should think less of leaves and branches and more of trunks and roots and I have come to the conclusion that I’m wrongly positioned or maybe I could go for an adjustment.  I think I should reside not on the edge not on the end of the branch and not as a leaf but maybe halfway up the trunk so I can see material coming up and down, life juice coming up and down, and I should really reconfigure my brain to say ‘ah they’re doing this thank you’ or ‘they’re doing this for that reason’ So I see clear thinking as – I don’t know whether it’s minimalism, economy, lack of ego. Some people think in beautiful ways and I want to join them.  Hence I don’t want to put my snout in the trough.

John: Do the clear thinkers ever say ‘I think clearly’.

Brian; even the clear thinkers?

John: How would you know you are thinking clearly?

Brian: they would make that claim because you don’t wear yourself out, you reach conclusions expeditiously and you can see all points of view.

John: because they see all points of view? How do you know?

Brian: humorously – well if I can’t see them it’s not worth anything is it?

John: this is a major philosophical point about the concept of subjectivity.  You are saying that clear thinkers are objective.  How come that be true when you’re a human being and you don’t have all available information from the universe around you.

Brian:  well as someone said  ‘God plays ten-dimensional chess so where do you want me on the board and that’s why I like near death experience videos. People at least have a peep into the second or third floor of the building and describe what is not there as well as what is there.  I like that very much. Those two things save my sanity, apart from Francoise, is viewing near-death experience videos and my writing this diary.

The trouble with this evangelical group – back it to it again – is that they’re so concentrated on being nice that they’re sometimes boring. With the miscreant I’m going to point out in what way she has gone against the precepts of a religion or movement and that is the epitome of sharing. This I expected to see and she’s doing the opposite for reasons that she may not be aware of because people don’t do their homework on themselves. They think ‘well I’m going to give everything to Jesus’ and they don’t do the nuts and bolts,  so there’s a lot of unsolved unsorted out material as there is with most of us but when you claim to lead by example then the standards have to be high and consistent ..

John: There is a lot of the stuff that people try to give to Jesus he doesn’t want.

Brian:  he doesn’t want to be worshiped that’s for sure.  I imagine Jesus in a t-shirt with a beard having a bite to eat and we associated him with a person in white gear but I think if if we could de mystify Jesus and just have the real bloke I reckon that would be a step forward in people’s minds.

I plan to travel to another country for a cultural and spiritual experience but I’m worried that I might be stuck there because by the end of May you know that Tedross can declare a pandemic for whatever reason and that will freeze travel as happened with residents of Australia.

So your book….

John:  I’m not formally writing a book in that sense because I find I’ve read so many of these books by scientists and things like that I find them boring they are all only half the story and if I write the full story bearing in mind  don’t know the full story then that’s the point I was just trying to make about being human and everything like this. YesI could write an interesting book but it’s the same type of material as all the other people write.

Brian: well you can have permutations and combinations of familiar material.  let’s at least be original.

John: No one is really interested.  I’m writing stuff from me, I’m not writing it for anybody else. I will show people if they want to see it at some point. I’m writing a piece at the moment about neutrinos and life and consciousness but the amount of background you got to know is just enormous.

Brian: this is a really daft idea but what about a comic book

John:  that means that I will have to spend my time going to  incorporate the illustrations when all I want to do is put the facts out.

Brian:  you get someone to do it for you I don’t know anyone   I reckon that people they’re overloaded with information, not surprising, but they’re not overloaded with images which are meaningful.  I reckon if you did just one chapter and tried to portray everything a but let me put my mind to it.

A common denominator with my current friends is that my friends are all doing things and I find that I attract the doers and don’t repel the others but they I don’t even see them. They look like bits of cardboard and I have no mechanism anymore to deal with them.  I mean I talked to some I went to yoga this morning, you have quite nice conversations with people but they’re very much on one level and reaching up is a different matter altogether.

John: this concept of I’m writing a book I suppose I am but I’m not writing it in the conventional sense. I don’t have characters in it. I haven’t found a major point I really want to put forward because it will as I write it, I realise how much my words contradict everything in the world.

Brian: so why not think of the most boring book you’ve ever read and then do something completely the opposite. I’ll look out,  I’ve got a mission .

John: I have a character I will call Nathan the Nutrino

Brian: sounds good. I will keep an eye open for an illustrator.

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