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I just felt like putting in this one. It has no relevance to the article.

A fanfare in the face of chaos?

I cannot remember living in such exciting times where the stakes are high and getting higher. At stake is the human being with all its glorious creativity and spirituality which is under threat from agents that think that artificial intelligence is enough to run the planet. Each day, there is a new chapter. each day I learn something new, and each day I inoculate myself against fear through pre-knowledge of what is to come. This is a life of luxury for my inquiring mind.  This is the time when our characters and our belief systems are challenged. When we do nothing we slip back into a mass mind psychosis with all the others and lose our sense of identity

So this is confession time. I struggled to remember a time, it must have been 20 years ago now when I would use my old-fashioned PC for the occasional email mainly limited by the slow download speed.  I think it was about 256 kb per second.

To the concern of my partner I now spend the better part of my day on what is a fascinating bordering on an addiction, but maybe I do myself down here I think I will discover my motives when I am more fully into this article

#  Very beautiful love in action – short video.

#  A personal relationship with Jesus Christ must be avoided at all costs – the Pope
Pope Francis Orders Christians To ‘Pray to Satan’ for ‘Real Enlightenment’
# the Putin – Tucker interview which was watched 75 million times in 24 hours
# Arctic Sea Ice continues its stonking recovery. the ice climbed to a 21 year high on January 8th 2024

A very boring film

I have just come from one of the most boring films I have ever seen. It was an Irish language film called The Quiet Girl. For some unknown reason a young girl of 10 or 11 years of age is transferred from her dysfunctional family (non-communicating father) to a cousin which seemed to be equally dysfunctional.  Men seem to have the greatest difficulty in communicating and can hardly get a sentence out. No one smiles. The dialogue was very sparse I suppose because the intention is to show that people are traumatized and undemonstrative.I see this sort of thing every day.

I know the local Reel Films club want to show different films but why should I pay for something when it teaches me absolutely nothing. The loudest laugh of the evening was when the young girl was asked if her mother made pastry with butter or margarine. That shows how desperate the writing was. And yet it had been submitted for prizes at this that and the other Festival. It was shortlisted for an Oscar for best international film. When I go to a movie I want a little bit of joy, perhaps even escapism and I don’t want to see acts of violence. The best part of the film was when the screen went black and the credits started.

Soon after the film started I realized that there was no escape. Francoise seemed to be involved in it. I did not feel like I could walk out so I can tinted myself with staring at the floor. How did I occupy my mind? Mainly looking for something that was even remotely interesting. I saw two people clear out a cow shed with a large broom. That is how desperate it was. I was effectively imprisoned because I did not want to walk out in front of everybody.

Occasions when I have walked out

#The last time I walked out was at a production in Dusseldorf which was a modern opera that was so ghastly that I left for the sake of my health.
# Another time I walked out of a church in Euston Road London where there was a very mathematical and avant garde organ recital.
# Another time was in Bristol when a West End show had been transferred to the provinces but the same performers were not involved and the roles had been given to local people.
# In Cardiff, I walked out of a film because the volume was so loud that it was hurting my ears. It was Oppenheimer.
# On another occasion I walked out of an organ recital because a woman had come in with three young children. She should never have been admitted and the children fretted and cried, and ruined my concentration. That was in Finland

So it will come to no surprise to you to know that my tolerance is quite low. I am acutely sensitive to sound and it is one of the reasons I don’t enjoy going to live performances since people have a habit of rattling sweet packets, talking to each other etc.

It is of course easier to walk out if you are on your own. If you are with someone we have to agree and perhaps one person will want to give the benefit of the doubt and hope that things will get better. In my experience they rarely do

I don’t know what state of mind I would have to be in to endure solitary confinement I might end up watching ants crawl across the wall or listening to distant sounds and try to make sense of them or fantasizing about having huge meals and being free. Maybe my mind would go into a state of hibernation or were still break down all together. This case I would ask a good lord to take me into his arms and leaves this transitory life

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