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From where do we view the world

The Garden of Eden reveals the character and purpose of God, who created humans in his image and likeness, and gave them dominion over the earth. It also shows the consequences of human disobedience and rebellion, which resulted in the loss of God’s presence, blessing, and protection. It also points to the need for redemption and salvation, which God promised through the seed of the woman, who would crush the head of the serpent (Genesis 3:15).
In the Bible, the tree of knowledge of good and evil is one of the two trees in the Garden of Eden, along with the tree of life. God forbade Adam and Eve to eat from this tree, but they were tempted by the serpent and disobeyed. As a result, they lost their innocence and were expelled from the garden. The tree of knowledge symbolizes the moral choice and the consequences of human disobedience to God.
Brian to my friend John: if the world consisted of a tree as in the Tree of knowledge where would you position yourself? among the leaves, the branches, the trunk or the roots?

John – all of it. With all of my being the fact is that I cannot choose a place.  I have to be all of it. I cannot commit. I can’t say ‘I want to go there because it’s a decision that is final. I want to be the potential not the action.

Brian’s comment  post meeting – With regard to the ‘two trees’ I see it as a daily discipline for the spiritual person  to populate the one tree which is dedicated to uniting people in fellowship, love and peace rather than the other tree which is designed for people to compete with each other, fight, remain on a physical plane, act in a divisive manner.

Everything we do and say contributes to one tree or the other. No action can be completely neutral though our contribution in some circumstances may be too refrain from speaking. I agree with John’s philosophy in that I want to be everything everywhere as opposed to all things to all men which implies a sacrifice of integrity at the altar of expediency


What does ‘being on the same wavelength’ mean?

Brian: I was I was thinking of how few people I know around here who really are on my wavelength. I have two or three. I would like to say I have fellow Christians on my wavelength list and in a way I do but I have a fundamental problem with the overt evangelical types. I will not repeat myself on this. The Christians have a special mind set in that they know they should be nice to people and love God but they don’t actually deal with their own personal matters. Like many others they keep their problems to themselves. Maybe its more an English thing than an aspect of belief.

John:  They don’t know what ‘nice’ is and they don’t know what God is.

Brian: may I should confront them. Frankly, I only feel comfortable with those who I feel understand me before I open my mouth. It is a great strain to have to ‘go back to square one’, and check that you agree all along the way.  In the case of Christians it is the confusion between Yahweh (fire and brimstone, punishment, hell etc) and Joshua who came to fulfill the law and tell us that God was within us. Joshua (Jesus) made this energetic link when he was crucified.

Barrett’s esophagus

Brian:  I’m talking to my doctor on the phone next week about my Barrett’s esophagus and I reckon the symptoms I get are only partially related to Barrett’s. I think it’s food sensitivity because if I have the right food or avoid certain foods such as rich foods at night, cream, sugar then my stomach behaves perfectly well. I have suffered from this condition for the past 30 years.

John:  The condition manifests in rings around the cardiac sphincter where you get reflux once the acid comes back up through that little hole because if it’s not so strong it will allow the acids to eat away at the lining of the esophagus and cause damage so the esophagus becomes inflamed. It makes a little ring of inflammation so when you actually inspect down there you see these little rings forming because they’re causing inflammation. Over time they can become cancerous to some people and generate esophageal cancer in others but not very many as a percentage.. You typically start with heartburn. Treatment is available to assist the self healing process.

First steps at Yoga

This morning I attended a yoga class, the third occasion in a row where I have disciplined myself enough to look after my own body. I’m sure yoga is associated with India and swamis and so on but I now see it as a way of understanding your body and making contact with it and having the correct attitude towards it. I found quite early on that the left and the right side of my body reacted differently which was quite a revelation. I am left handed, if that makes any difference. Even simple exercises can draw attention to deficiencies in your system which means that you work less efficiently and drag yourself around as opposed to move around.

Today I had the idea that I was even getting out of bed like a sack of potatoes and when I spoke to Yvonne who runs the course she said that the best thing to do is to put your knees up to your chin and roll out and stand up. I freely admit I do not treat my body in the way it deserves so if I want a long and happy continuation of my life I need to treat my bodily vessel with respect.  My dad died at about 89 years of age so we have longevity in the family. Methuselah lived 900 years. I’m not so optimistic as that nor am I optimistic that I can find and uncompromised situation where I use med beds to restore my youth. I reckon the best way of passing is in one’s sleep because you are no trouble to anybody. Make a will, everyone!

Dr Tom Cowan with David Icke. Great revisiting of controversial subjects.

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