Experiencing the howling wind of Dartmoor

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When I write articles I attempt to put an original view on something that makes it worth reading. I know you can’t please all the people all the time but at least we can have a crack at it. First, I hope you like our new home page design which symbolizes more accurately what we are trying to achieve in terms of conveying the spirit of a living soul following their life path.

So, we had planned to set off Monday morning for Dartmoor and from there travel to Plymouth where we would stay two nights. However on Sunday morning I woke up feeling that these arrangements could be improved on. As there was nothing much holding us on the Sunday I decided we will go off during the afternoon. I booked a hotel straight away,  The weather forecast was not brilliant but I thought if we stuck to the main roads we would be all right.  I was wrong.

When we left it was raining but I did not realize the impact it would have and on the A37 going down to the A303 there was flooding. We made a very long diversion and instead went down the M5. The rain occurred on a water logged surface so as I joked with someone ‘a farmer says he had 12 Fields but now he has 4 fields, 6 lakes and 2 Water Meadows. It is very difficult to tell the difference between a river and a stream’. I get a perverse pleasure out of driving through water at the side of the road and causing an enormous splash. I would of course not do this if there was a pedestrian who would take the consequences.

I booked a stay at The Forest Inn / pub / bed and breakfast. As I have described before there are many search engines for booking. I like the effort that has been put into the software for booking.com so you can see things on a map and read quite a lot about the hotel before making a decision. Unless you book at the last moment, you have a few days before the event before you actually pay your money so you can cancel if you so wish and this could be a very good idea where children are involved or where the weather is variable.

Our hotel was definitely old world. Paddy the manager definitely knows his stuff and if you remain in the bar area you will notice a close-knit community where everybody knows everybody else. He told me that they have large numbers of Dutch people who for some reason are attracted to the moor. Paddy has lived in the area all his life; he went to Plymouth to get a degree but now finds it ‘too far away’. Some reviews said that the hotel could do with a deep clean. I suppose it could but I don’t really care because all the features were present, the feeling of history, a pleasant bar, and most of all an atmosphere.


It was so lovely to lie in bed and listen to the howling wind. It makes a different noise when there are no obstacles such as houses. Paddy said that next time we come we can get a better rate through calling them direct as they avoid the commission of 15% to booking.com. Someone else said that at the next hotel we stayed at which was in Plymouth. So people who are thinking of booking, it might be worth a try contacting the hotel directly, they can only say no or they might even say yes.

Oh and by the way, darkness at night really is dark. There was a slightly surreal telephone box lit from within that was now a defibrillator. I did not photograph it but here is a reminder. I did not have the best night in the world. I am sensitive to EMF; it feels as if my whole body is being scratched and there is no escape. I even stood outside the hotel on a grass verge at half past one in the morning in the rain in bare feet to try and ground the energies. In case you laugh, it is a science, the process is called Grounding where the energies of your feet link to the energies of the Earth.

I did feel a little bit better afterwards and eventually went to sleep. Strangely even if I have had a terrible night, when I get up at say 8am somehow my body has become refreshed. If I have had a stomach pain at 2am it has disappeared in the morning and I am ready to launch into a full English breakfast.



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