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This morning I went with Francoise to start the day by having breakfast at Wetherspoons. The mornings before 9:30 is blessed because there are very few people there, service is vast, and there is blessed silence so I can read my messages, drink my one or perhaps two cups of coffee if I feel like it and contemplate my day .I was having a discussion with my friend this morning about who to trust. He says that a couple of years ago he struck off his list of people to follow and he does not regret one of the strikings out.

The problem with human nature that it is still subject to flattery and hubris because it does not see that we are One not only in terms of actions but in terms of consciousness. Everyone has their price or putting it another way, everyone has a weak point, reference the discussion on temptation that we had yesterday. With this in mind I am making a very short list of people I can always rely on and these are always people who are not funded by any government or international organization. I would say 9 out of 10 people in the public eye do not feature on my list. The list will appear shortly.

Video – I can teach anyone how to grow food (DIY) The Inspired channel with Jean Nolan and Marjorie Wildcraft 31:29
Video – mRNA Vaccines, Mask Mandates, and the COVID-19 Response (Paul Offit) a skeptics view 1:12:50
Video – SHOCKING: WOKE POLICE Harass PATRIOT waving Union Jack on Remembrance weekend 12:39
Video – Scott Ritter Sends Big Warning: Israel In Rafah  31:47
Video – The real history of Judeo-Christianity – subversion by the Roman empire.  44:04
Video – Ken Cowan plays Marcel Dupré (1886-1971): Variations sur un vieux Noël, Op. 20 at Rice University  11:18
Video – Near Death Experience: This Will Leave All Christians in Shock | Journey into the Spiritual Realm
Video –  Something Very Strange Is Happening… Are They Trying To Tell Us Something?! Neil McRoy-Ward  16:55

I want to keep one step ahead of the opposition as I call them to avoid becoming afraid. The fuel of the evil ones that run this planet is provided by fear and hatred so guess what that is what they try to educe amongst us useless eaters. I hate to demarcate in this fashion but I have no choice because this is the fact.

What did I get out of the above videos? When I watch videos I like to keep a balanced view so you will see some to do with near-death experiences, some to do with growing your own food, and organ recital one of my favorite Pieces by Marcel Dupre, some talk on mask mandates.  I do not expect to absorb and understand every element of every video. What I find is that the truth that I need to hear jumps out at me without prior notice. In order to find the rose you have to put your hand through thorns. It is not always as extreme as this but not everything you learn is going to benefit you. The main thing is to look in the right direction and keep alert at all times.

While we were recycling some garden material this morning I saw a girl who had banana colored hair unloading various items. As I always do I commented on it and asked her jokingly if it glowed in the night and she assured me it did. She mentioned that she was an artist and this weekend and the early next week they were opening a artist center where people could experience all sorts of new skills such as pottery and painting. I have a chance to go along and meet a group of people who are full of enthusiasm and optimism and encourage them. It is a great privilege to do this. I hope I’m doing it for God and not for me. Had I not spoken out, I would have missed out on all this so you never know who you’re going to meet or when and you never know what is going to happen as a result of the conversation.

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