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Conversation with a dietician about bread

Me – Even at my senior age my interest in learning does not diminish, in fact it increases.
Friend – Me too, I am always very keen to learn more

Me yes it never ends you see that’s the wonderful thing.
Friend –  when we die we don’t stop learning. There is no end to it.

Me – I’m really sad that I may have to give  up eating bread. Because you see the the most beautifully attractive flour and you think gosh it’s been you know prepared with loving hands but it just makes me sick.
Friend – I haven’t eaten what for 30 of years, I am watching my twin sister and her health being destroyed by eating wheat. You have to realize that this is not the wheat we ate 30 years ago. Today this is a totally different product an even though there are ancient grains which are less bad for us, unfortunately they’re being contaminated.  You get drift from pesticides and you also get pollen drift.

Me – the only type of bread I can eat is baguettes.
Friend – it is different flour. A really good baguette is stale that night and you have to turn it into toast. In France they buy the baguettes every day from the baker and they don’t have problems with wheat intolerance that we have. But the what we have here (UK) they add all kinds of s*** to add to its shelf-life and you can buy a loaf of bread in the supermarket that will last for two weeks. The reason it lasts for two weeks is that they put in various additives in to extend the shelf life and one of those additives is alpha amylase which is the most potent asthma causing agent in industry.  Imagine what it is doing to your gut.

Friend – Do you realise that the Roman Empire was founded on wheat addiction? Bread and circuses. They got people they would arrive bearing gifts they will provide wheat to everybody. They’d all become addicted to wheat and then they were clamoring for more. Wheat makes you compliant, it makes you dopey, it makes you stupid. The gluten molecule logs into your heroin receptors in your brain.  Wheat is evil, wicked stuff.


Do you believe plants can feel?

How many of you remember Cleve Baxter in the 1960’s and his experiments with plants? Brave people are now speaking out against the recent medical interventions but in history people who speak out with something new get routinely ridiculed and ignored. This short video will tell all and is one of my ‘hits of the day’ in my enormous self-imposed burden of keeping myself up to date with as many aspects of modern life as possible. You will see that plants if wired up react to our thoughts as well as our actions. Plants can react to the death of any living thing in their vicinity.

Six minute video here

Lovely brief videos with animals and children

Video 1  dogs and young child

Video 2 – swan feeding fish


A therapeutic session with a difference

It is always a privilege and the pleasure to have a session, a therapeutic session or any sort of session come to that with someone who is on your wavelengths. Such was the situation with Virginie, who is a French practitioner specializing in many things including sound healing, cranial Osteopathy, using the voice as a method for healing, she’s pretty good.

Although I have only met her once before it’s very nice to sit down like you were with an old friend, knowing that you can trust each other and say what you want without being dismissed on any level. When I meet the session I trust the process and never never make up my mind what I am going to say beforehand.

May I remind you for the  15th time, it is inspiration not expiration and you can  lie on the powers that be to give you the guidance that you need to help the person in front of you. Sometimes I do not know what I’m going to say until I open my mouse and hey presto we have the answer and I say to myself, where did that come from? The answer is, it came from the universe where in all knowledge and wisdom resides.

So being on the same wavelength gives you a flying start, you almost know what the other person is going to say before they say it to, everything they say fits, there is no jumping over resistance, and time flies. In fact I think you go out of time a bit.  At the end of the session we agreed to exchange treatments so I promise to give her a reading and remote appreciation of her situation.  I like to do things instantly so here I sit at 7pm having done a good hour’s worth of reading and had a reply furthermore .  Parts of my mind goes back to a time when there was no separation so it doesn’t matter where in the World someone resides in terms of their physical body, I can reach them as if they were next door. I have always had this talent so really I think nothing of it.

Walking round Glastonbury

So, a good day, a balance of work and play. I love walking around Glastonbury at all times because there is always life there. Someone was giving out the February edition of The Light Paper (look it up).  Someone else was selling lengths of beautiful wood. Someone else was campaigning for the relief in Palestine. In Glastonbury there is a very high degree of acceptance for all types of lifestyle. We went as we are won’t to go to Burns the Bread in the High Street where I had my usual freshly prepared sausage roll, chocolate and chip muffin and a latte.

To all visitors: do not forget the Goddess Centre. Ask anyone where it is or of course the abbey and it’s Gardens so the first time visitor could spend three to four hours there with no trouble at all and not spend a fortune.

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