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Very nice to see such this camelia at this early windswept time of year. (in our garden)


My digestive problems continue. Yesterday I had a talk with my friend about bread. so as a result I decided to cut out all bread with the exception of baguettes. I shall also refrain from drinking wine, red, and also coffee. Strangely I can drink latte without any effect. Also I still tend to eat like a teenager and have far bigger portions than I really need so I’m trying to cut that down and this is most difficult I must admit.

So when I woke up this morning feeling not very well I decided to stay in bed which I did until midday. I have the luxury of not having to get up to perform a paid task. My body tells me that a malfunction in the digestive system affects my brain and my motivation. I am scheduled for a talk with my doctor on the phone in two weeks time but having to compress the conversation into five minutes is something which even I with my fast speaking and concise mind cannot do. I do have some sympathy for the doctors who must be presented with many problems that he or she cannot fix and having to say the right thing and make the right decisions in a few minutes and then on to the next one.

What did not help this morning was that I have was overwhelmed with screeds of new information. I opened a video on the Corbett Report that listed many new websites about fighting the World Health Organization’s plans to control us all  including a very attractive site called consisting entirely of testaments from people warning and complaining. The WHO does affect us all whether you are interested in it or not, because this unelected organization will have the power to declare a pandemic, and order a lockdown, vaccines or flight restrictions without any scientific evidence just because they say so. This does not fill me with joy. This ruling will click in at the end of May this year 2024.

I find myself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available. I spoke to my good friend John and he said that if you look at details and variations there is a never ending source of information. For the most part he ignores articles of this nature and focuses on the principles behind them. I kind of knew that myself anyway but it is so good to hear it from someone else so I feel somewhat settled.

The principles include:

# working together versus working in opposition,
# service vs. lust for profit and power
# others’ needs vs. our own needs,
# the long term view vs. short term expediency.
# re service  Jesus was the son of God so he should know a thing or two about human nature. He said that he came ‘not to be served but to serve’. I wish public servants could follow the clue and actually serve the public. Until we realise that we are all one we will never move forward as a planet.

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