Monks, aliens and cherished memories

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Satan discussion – continued. this time between Brian (Ed) and friend John

Brian: To maintain coherence as a human being, I have become convinced of the need to maintain certain pointers in our mind for example the consistency of a moral compass. Does an act lead to unity or divisiveness and looking at the cause rather than the symptoms and abstracting the principles from them. The coalescence of all these factors, and I’m sure there are more that will occur to me, are very helpful keeping me on the straight and narrow but for some reason I need to baptize these ideas through talking about them not just on my own.

Some say that ‘the devil’ is confined to one place i.e. he is a person invisible or not in other words he is not universal in the way that God is. It was suggested that his minions did all the work. I wonder whether it’s a needless personification or whether it’s a tendency or whether it’s just entropy personified.

John: it is the anthropomorphism of concept, of entropy or chaos. The symptoms are just restriction, so as that restriction increases you have less ability to know where your moral compass is pointing, identities pointing in the direction that entropy is going up and if it breaks things up it can be considered to be the personification of the devil. The concept of it is evil itself; the truth of it manifests in restriction.

Brian: you don’t think there’s an actual devil, a bloke going around the same as God?

John: In the same way that God is personified is a thing that human psychology can not easily grasp, the concept of God being the sum total of all absolutes is rather less comprehensible for communication purposes. Conversely the idea of a devil is just a human personification of the principles of restriction. The devil captures you, restricts you, hurts you, punishes you but God theoretically does the opposite. In history. mainly due to religious influence, these evil forces are portrayed as people, entities, shapes and forms.

Brian: we had a discussion last night also about temptation and I wondered what part of it came from within in terms of our own psychology and what part of it came from a force or influence without. I do not accept the hypothesis that things come on us such as the devil externally I think everything is an internal process.

John: the Devil in you is when you use your restrictions to break things up such as anger with other people or whatever. It is a separating function and that function is equated to a functioning devil.

Brian: Who did the personification? was it the Catholics do you think?

John: certainly since Christianity but there have been Roman myths and Greek myths, Egyptian and Hindu myths, they all had them. Some had different gods for different conditions. They take a behavioral function and allocate it to an entity but with Christianity we bunch them all together with one title. This was maintained in particular by the Catholics because they wanted to maintain control and access to God.

Brian: so the devil is a title of convenience suitable for modern psychology.

John: in the Middle Ages monks used to blame things on the devil but conflated the effects with alien Grays, and they talked of goblins and dwarfs and these names were applied when people saw alien creatures landing. They were equated with negative functions, the minions of the devil if you like. The minions could be the Grays which are an alien civilization. They are the operators within the increased entropy frame. Maybe I should speak with my friends about goblins and not about Grays.

Goblins are ingrained in the psyche of most people from medieval times. On the opposite side, people think of God as an old man with a beard and praise him and ask him to ‘come in’ to us and ‘work’ for us and it’s all hogwash ready. We have God installed in us already. However, when people pray to God and ask for help that is an expression of respect.


Brian: most of us have been in a particular situation, in this life or previously, where we have been blessed by one particular group of people or an individual or a situation and this has left a deep mark upon us to which we seem to be able to recall at any time. It could be at someone’s death or it could be at a marriage or meeting long lost friends.

John: All blessings are a mark on the soul. If you take the concept of a soul not being physical it contains information about knowing the pathways to higher places. It could be taken as a stamp or a piece of knowledge that gives you access to set your compass more accurately and the knowledge of where that compass is pointing.

It is done because you set it to be that way because of what you believed in and where you were pointing your compass at a particular event or occasion. It set itself in your soul as a memory that you can re-access in each life time. However, If you go against the spirit for example alienating yourself from the idea of the wedding or occasion you will lose that stamp on your soul.

Brian: it’s a question of believe it or lose it

John: You can use your memory in various different ways. It is the same with Hindu and Buddhist circles where people have these realizations. They will have similar types of memory that will guide them in the future.

Brian: in a way the possession of this feature could be said to make us more lonely but less able to be understood but on the other hand if you use the positive qualities for the continual feeding and betterment of others it shouldn’t be that much of a problem. It might even strengthen your faith.

To be continued

This is a day that has been taken up by tiding and cleaning the house, making lunch, and transcribing the above zoom conversation into something that makes sense. Conversational chat differs enormously from the disciplines required for meaningful and relevant transcription. My ZOOM call this morning with my friend John took 35 minutes but after two hours I have only done half the talk I will do the rest tomorrow morning. It is so important to examine every word because John is quite an expert on a number of scientific things and looks at life in a different way so I have to be very careful not to misrepresent him.

At about five o’clock today we received an old friend, David C, when I met him last time about three years ago was in quite a turmoil with organizing  his lodgers in a house that he owned at the time. This time his career focusing on how people make decisions and how they perceive themselves has really taken off and he has been traveling the country including Scotland meeting people, doing interviews, demonstrating his competence and gaining many new friends and colleagues.

He has sold his large Victorian house and has now bought a caravan in a park close to the Thames estuary. It has two bedrooms, has all mod cons. The caravan park buys electricity and gas at wholesale prices and has high speed internet. It is a bolt hole for him, he has a car park space right by his caravan or should I say mobile home and he has plenty of time to do research. Peace and quiet! Most of the mobile homes are not populated for most of the year.

He is very fortunate to have a retentive brain. I feel that he is due to write his first book and I said that he had so much information he could write a book within a week or so and then should find an editor to assist with layouts and appearance. I told him about and got him onto the computer that I am currently using and showed him how easy it was. You can get almost 100% accuracy. With blindingly fast speeds, the processing is not done on my PC. It goes away to somewhere In America, the  spoken words are translated to text within a fraction of a second. David  has the resources, the time, and the contacts to make a great success of his life.

If I have in some way assisted him by encouraging him or introducing him to others then that’s my job done. I do feel that my job is to be in the background most of the time and assist those in public life because I’m not sure if I could handle the inevitable rough and tumble of meeting a lot of people officially on a day-to-day basis.

We talked a lot about 5G, covid, the quality of governments in the world or rather lack of quality, how we see future trends developing, what will cause the other side to flip or falter that is only possible with someone who does the same type of research as you do. He was only with us for about an hour but I reckon we did a good day’s worth of work in terms of energy exchange. He was then off to Bristol to see another friend and then three and a half hour journey by car to East Essex.

In my younger days I would have relished this manic style of life but I now recognize that I have certain limitations on my energy though not my spirit I hasten to add. I made an agreement that we would have a chat once a month just to keep up with each other’s news  and I suppose encourage each other. I am so looking forward to reading some of the books that I know reside in him and it will be a great thrill to me when they are published.

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