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Morning coffee at Paulton All Saints

What a lovely day. Blue sky and sun. 11 degrees C.  To the coffee morning at all Saints Paulton where I have not been for some time. I met a lady whose son is called Chris who is currently teaching at a very difficult class in a school in Frome. He does not seem to do any actual teaching. He spends his time explaining that you have to listen to the teacher, you should sit down and get off your tables and stop running around. There is a child there who sits on the floor screaming all the time and another one who has the manufactured attention deficit syndrome who makes noises and is disruptive. I’m not quite sure what professional satisfaction a teacher can get out of that but good for him for at least making the effort.

Buckfast Abby main chapel

I had a chat with a couple who’d been to Buckfast Abbey and they assured me that it was a very restful place with beautiful scenery; the monks make meals including a Saturday breakfast. This is a place I will visit on my next journey to Dartmoor for it is on the way.

Spam Mail in all its glory

I thought that today I would have a look at some aspects of my wonderful spam mail. I dont know if my spam is anything like yours. Let me have some prize examples if you are inspired to do so.

himanshi <>
Provide a Quote!
Do you want to rank your website on the 1st page of Google?
Comment: it’s a dead giveaway that this person is not English and they are undergoing fishing expeditions for probably Indian companies where they get a small commission for a successful lead.

Don’t Miss Out £50 triple stack coating is back.
Elevate your eyewear with our trio of premium lens coatings, worth £50. Don’t miss your chance to etc.
Comment: when someone says ‘don’t miss out’ this is a major turn off for me. It just means that they offering a few percent off

Need a last minute Mothers Day gift?
Comment: I suppose you have to write something but what if you don’t have a mother? If I did it would remind me to buy a gift, a personally chosen one, in my local store

As a valued Pharmacy2U patient we’d like to invite you to take part in a short survey to understand more about your views and experiences of using our service. The survey should take no more than 5 minutes
Comment: I find that such surveys inevitably take more than five minutes and I really can’t think what benefit there is apart from to the firm who has been contracted to do the survey. My advice is listen to your customers and read their feedback. Most form fillers are lazy and just fill in the topmost category of satisfaction

Randolph Zins no subject line
Note that this message was also sent to 4017455 <>, alondra2023 <>, jamesjnrmoulder10 <>, ggghh <>, qazxd <>, gjok gjokaj <>, brian <>, myxynlsl <>
Got an exclusive picture shoot for you here
Comment: I wonder why people even bothered to send such things when practically every available protocol in the book has been broken

Transform Your Life: Say Goodbye to Neuropathy Pain!
Comment: they are conflating two factors. Transformation and neuropathy pain. The solution of one rarely leads to the other

End Midnight! Nasal Filters 10% off! Use code NNF10 our nose filters are designed to prevent inhalation of harmful pathogens, pollutants and allergens
Comment: if you fell for the masks during the pandemic, you will probably fall for this one . I can see midnight coming and going when I’m sound asleep Jesus Resurrection is big news. We were not meant to keep this to ourselves, Jesus invites us to share and celebrate his good news with the world
Comment: I don’t like receiving unsolicited material no matter how well meaning but this is also anonymous and the web address demonstrates spam to me
CT Centinal-The Church: Just One More Vehicle For The Connecticut Democrat Government To Use Against The Taxpaying Citizens Of Connecticut
Comment: this is what happens when you buy mailing lists. Your dot a scatter gun approach and fire them all over the world. They are not even selling anything so this seems to me to be quite desperate

Get back to me!
> Attn:Beneficiary> My name is Mr. Edward Adamu,the deputy governor CBN.Based on the newly elected President of Nigeria and the recent change of the Central Bank Governor, Dr Godwin Emefiele, The presidency Mr Bola Tinubu has mandated me to handle your transaction. $10,700,000 as being allocated for me. At least I can choose between three methods of payments, wire transfer, diplomatic cash payments and ATM card . Not quite sure about the latter. This is a national sport in Nigeria from whence this email was sent
Comment: you know the rest. If you want to have your bank accounts drained then supply them with the bank details and probably your credit card details as well. Just one more thing sir….

Your lucky Fairy. Website
Welcome to the whirlwind world of Spinland, where excitement and big wins are around every corner! Kick off your adventure with a £3000 welcome package, including a 300% first deposit bonus and 100 Free Spins on Big Bass Bonanza.
Comment : yet another unlikely source for this spam originating from France. I am promised a thrill by riding in a virtual bumper car. I can’t wait. This is a site hosted in Germany which we are helpfully told was seen 51 times between March 5th 2024 and March 5th 2024

Big name jewellery for the price of a meal
from: reply to
I can get a bracelet with 3.5 mm diamonds for $100 US
Comment: I don’t think this was aimed at me somehow

Sun hor
Let us work together to have this funds,
I am Chief Accountant/Executive with Foreign Trade Bank of (FTB) . I want to present to you as a beneficiary of $32,640,000 here in my bank. Get back to me for more details.
Comment: it would help if you could speak English. I have been addressed as friend, dear, dearest

Amazon Marketplace. Bryan Snellgrove, regarding your recent order……
Comment: no I will not take just a few moments of my time. You are asking me about a delivery experience. The packet was pushed through the letterbox. Do I consider this action excellent, good, fair, poor, awful. It is difficult to describe this action in five categories. I will duck out of this one

A visit to a nutritionist

In connection with my continuing but hopefully improving stomach problems I went to see a nutritionist and Bowen practitioner Liz who lives and works locally. Liz was the one who offered a talk on health in Poulton and the only people came were those who knew her anyway  and I advise to find a title that would more easily connect to people’s everyday experience. When you are in survivalist mode, you don’t have time to think of anything else than paying the bills. We talked about sheeps and goats with regard to the recent medical intervention the goats are becoming more goaty (that is not a real word I made it up)

Francoise had recently been to see her so I knew I was going to be in good hands. She knows quite a lot about my problem which is Barrett’s Esophagus as she had it herself for 27 years and then cured herself with a regime which helps to alkanize the system.

I have taken so many pills for so many reasons over the years  but I’m proud to say I am currently only on one pill, Omrazeprole, It is a PPI Proton Pump Inhibitor. I have been taking it for 10 years on and off. The trouble is that every allopathic pill has its price (side effects) and while all those systems are subdued and I can eat normally, it does have an effect on the biome, the environment of the gut. So it is a question of symptoms and root causes. I have purchased some pills from her made by a firm called Elite Health. The full works consists of three items but I did a dowsing and found that the one item which seems to have been made in Poland is called pro-argi-9 Plus. It describes itself as a food supplement with amino acids, vitamins and reservatrol. I have 30 packets.

I dowsed on this one regarding the periodicity and found that it was not one day, it was not two days, but it was one and a half days. Liz was delighted to confirm this as indeed the individual packets last  for 36 hours. As is my habit and love I gave her or should I say her clients a brief remote view reading as a way of thanks but also because I just enjoyed the process. For those of you that do not believe me come up we are all connected, we are all one and that’s what makes life exciting so if you don’t find this mindset applies to you, try it and see how you feel in other words imagine you are in heaven. I promise you will not suffer in this experiment

Finally, some articles that I have had my attention drawn to:

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