Is the Fourth Dimension a progressive or a retrogressive spiritual step?

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Have I written the most unreadable blog ever? (today’s specialist blog).  I realise that dimensionality is not everyone’s cup of tea or coffee. I realized that most people are more concerned about what they’re going to have for lunch, how they’re going to pay the bills, and so such existential topics as dimensionality are in the far distance.  I decided to write that entry for me for once. I describe what I’m doing, the up days and the down days, anything of note that happens. For all I know I may be boring everyone to death but if I can set an example of how to write diaries or blogs then I’m not wasting my time. I do enjoy reading my previous escapades and when I returned to a place I reminded of the useful venues to visit again. It is a great therapy and sharpens the mind greatly.

Two articles have caught my eye this morning.   ‘Guilty of driving while white’ by Niall McCrae and Supermarkets are driving farmers into the ground, by Sally Beck.  This is not meant to be a political diary but I have to faithfully report and what I find and the effect it has on me very much like my exampler Samuel Pepys who if I may remind you was the inspirer of this work. The first article is about the gradual diminution of our rights to for example drive our own car and the second one is far more serious for everyone about how supermarkets are giving growers the run around and paying late, canceling their orders, cutting prices to the bone etc this may result in food shortages when farmers have had enough and want to give up farming.

I spoke to a lovely friend of mine. He is called John Samways and we are brothers in spirit in terms of service to Christianity. I said that at the recent men’s breakfast the food was cooked with such love that it came across loud and clear. He said that the most important things are small acts of service that we perform every day. Sometimes I wish my friends were closer to me so I could pop in and see them. Mind you he is not too far away, in Frome, which is about 10 miles away

We spent a very nice sunny day on the allotment doing our preparation for the  season. Apart from that I have nothing else of any value to report. I spent four hours a day writing the article on this morning’s topic occasioned by my friend John’s chat so I’m pretty well zoomed out and computered out.

Dimensionality and some of its aspects

The labour and difficulties of translating a Zoom chat into a conversation that can be understood by everybody should not be underestimated. These are technical chats that I have with my friend John who’s input has been featured in these diaries. Today’s conversation lasted 35 minutes total elapsed time with some irrelevances left out. Even with that, the task has taken me at least four hours to edit the words, to remove repetitions which are a normal part of our language, and make sure I understand where we both stand in this matter that is not the easiest in the world because we are part of it so we have to be objective. Please regard this diary entry as work in progress and I will revisit it from time to time and add to it as inspiration inclines. PS This was written not to elicit sympathy but to inform you if ever you decide to take on such a task.

Brian: I would like to read what a chaneller says “in the fourth dimension we see the differences between the parallel universes manifesting themselves, the lessons and contrast between them are beautiful in the fourth dimension. Creatures of many universes exist simultaneously and the beings of many worlds find one harmonious state on the path in a higher level of existence.
Brian: You say that with regard to the fourth dimension you’ve had it when you get there – you’re gone, you’re lost and so great are the differences that I question the basis of the whole thinking. Is it a question of semantics? Are we saying dimension where we mean structure or what what are we saying?

John: Dimension is in other words physicality. It’s a restriction which begins in this universe with atomicness and that then generates force and so beings are in this dimension because of its structure and are actually set within one parameter of life whereas you can tell if you differentiate between consciousness and matter in other words our consciousness and / or our body we tend to translate this conscious being as a physical being within a dimension.

So we consider ourselves as three-dimensional beings and our consciousness is nothing in a three-dimensional world. It doesn’t exist. It can’t be demonstrated to exist within it by any scientific means and yet we know we have consciousness and some people like the majority of scientists and an awful lot of people don’t believe that they have consciousness so consciousness can in fact exist in any dimension in any dimensional state.

So what people do is to make the mistake of placing your body within these dimensional boundaries and then saying we will experience this or that, and in fact that’s not really true because the whole thing is an experience of consciousness which resides outside of a dimensional state. How much does a thought weigh? How do you measure a thought?

Brian – It still does not answer the question why The Arcturians and so many others talk with the fourth fifth six seven eight ninth dimensions.

John: that’s what happens when you include all the interfaces. Each dimension has three phases to it. It is like an interface between water and air for instance, or oil and water. An interface has something which is the interface itself. It’s neither one thing nor the other and then it has edges where you approach so if you’re coming up out of water into air, the water molecules towards the air interface are different to the ones in the bulk of the water for instance.They are approaching a change, a surface so there are differences on either side so interfaces are not clear clean lines. One merges into the other as a fuzz so you have a fuzz on  both sides with a central part of the interface which is its own property.

Brian:  so is it a morphing a process?

John: it’s more like a fuzzy boundary with a center Line so when you’re really in the interface your are in neither dimension. There is a merging of one thing to another.

Brian: so is that where you have to apply clear thought and compass type of thing to get yourself into that dimension firmly?

John: absolutely. You have to cross those interfaces, so if we take the interface to the second dimension, because we have solidity and separation here, that’s not present in the second dimension.  and so you’ve got to phase into it and so you have at the edge what Jesus said ‘the kingdom of heaven is like a net’ so this side of the interface with the second dimension has got elements of two and three dimensions in it. So it’s like it’s a net, it’s essentially a triangular net so you’re trying to define credibility but you are only at the interface. It’s not fully three dimensional until you move past the interface into the third dimension similarly you have to lose the separateness of things in the third dimension to return to the second.

Brian: so that’s why we have to so-call repetition is in fact establishing ourselves as the default …..

John: provided the repetition is pointing the compass in the right way. Interfaces are not clear boundaries. They are elements of of the two things which generates a third thing. it’s different to either side of the interface.

Brian:  so if you’re in the muzzy area a different set of criteria and apply…

John:  criteria starts a change so as you become say a better person in this context of humanity. Asian become a better person with your compass pointing into the perpendicular to that interface then your repetition and practice will carry you through the interface into the next phase.  Otherwise you can approach the interface and you can actually be there. So for instance the highest beings in three dimensions, the best ones, will be at that interface.

Brian:  so we must be doers of the word and not just hearers

John:  absolutely. You are known by your works. These interfaces are just where one thing meets another and they have got a totally different architecture to them. As they merge into each other it doesn’t suddenly change. Thing is that all all of these major changes between what we call dimensions so when you have like the first dimension it’s merging into the second is a fuzzy effect so that part line this and part two-d flatness and and therefore there’s a merging of one with the other but you can be on those interfaces and then have properties of both.

Like almost like another dimension within a dimension and because each each interface has got three phases to it that was points towards a lower dimension and that which points to a higher dimension and a bit in the middle which is like the average of all of that, then the interfaces themselves count as dimensional properties and therefore when you want to consider the 11th dimensions you can take that there are… I have not added them up but you can you can actually play with it. They say there are 11 or 26 dimensions.  It depends on whether you count these edges as three edges  because now you’ve got the two fuzzy bits and the bit in the middle plus the dimensions themselves when you’re in the bulk of those dimensional states …. they are all analogies really.

Brian: you could do a factorial job and produce thousands of combinations couldn’t you?

John It depends in which way you want to look at it but this concept a higher dimension, 11 dimensions all wrapped up. Science says says they’re all wrapped up within the three dimensions what that really means is there’s a bunch of these interfaces which are really psychological states. Because the universe is made by consciousness it is therefore made of consciousness because it’s frozen with respect to its atoms. Atoms are really a different state of consciousness where restriction is  final, it’s total<

Brian: as in “in his service is perfect freedom that’s what we’re aiming for.

John: you get a release of all of these secondary states and  effectively when you get that if you can get to a zero dimensional state you have the potential for all things, so you have a maximum freedom as a potential but as soon as you go and do something you reduce it.  If you have a choice to get a bus or a taxi then you get a taxi and you will no longer be able to get a bus. The nature of making a choice reduces the next choice the bandwidth for the next choice you can make because you have selected something.

Brian: so the road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions if you get your compass wrong.

Brian: I still dont ‘get’ the fine points of dimensionality.

John: you don’t have to worry about it then. It’s not an important thing to know if you are going to go with the qualities of mind such as goodness or badness and kindness and all of those different things you can work with those and the physical attributes that reflect such things or promote them or restrict them. Dimensionality is really just an extra bonus so that you roughly know where these things are conceptually in relation to each other. The actual science of it is not that important really.

Brian: yes but when it was suggested by some that as a 4D soul you’ll be lost that has some weight but these Arcturian guys are saying 4D or 5D is wonderful.

John: The thing is you got to decide what you believe of all of that. In my mind I’ve just go through it. In my mind the idea of Godhead as zero dimensional means it’s outside dimensions which means all things are available in potential to be. One dimension is a restriction of that of the all it’s less encompassing than the all zero dimension, two dimensions is a flat plane so you’re actually a flat plane which is even more restricted because it’s got two variables associated with it. A third dimension has got three and so you’ve got restriction on all sides and that’s where you get atoms from and atoms are the most restricted form of the third dimension.

Brian: It’s still doesn’t explain why the people who say they’re in the fourth dimension and first dimension seem to enjoy a greater amount of Unity in terms of description.

John: Well if that’s true then go with that. I want absolute truth so don’t worry. Relativism doesn’t help There’s adding another dimensional state which can’t be done from the third dimension by the way because you’re actually in a torsion rather than a dimensional continuity so it can’t actually be done. You can reach the interface of it but when you reach the interface the interface is the limit of observability of consciousness, as consciousness can only really reach that far from the logical point of view.

Brian: I dont get this torsion business.

John: if you have two dimensions then they each try to do what they did before as lines and now as plains and so to the  natural mathematical continuity is one two four. The problem is that three exists and so that that confuses everything because there’s not room in the third dimension for the full logical geometric expansion of 2D. So something gets lost so you have only got one and a half lines.

The second dimension mathematically is trying to make four dimensions.

Brian: so it can only make four dimensions that’s the tendency of …

John: that is what gives it congruency but the problem is that the third dimension it has to go through the third dimension to get to the fourth and so therefore it all becomes…. that happens you have to twist up part of that dimensionality to make this a twisted state, so that’s why we have a universe which is between the two effects.

So the fourth dimensional interface that you can get is is really the natural place that second dimension wants to achieve and that’s why we have things like entropy and rotting and that’s why we have this tendency for things to break up because that’s a natural tendency of two to four.  Everything is then breaking up, but the problem is that it is twisted now. It’s actually a bounce back on itself, made a compromise by actually making a pseudo two three dimensional state which is called a mobius thyroid.

Brian: so it’s inherently unstable while we’re alive

John: and the problem is that you can’t naturally see the interfaces anymore because it’s all curved, so you go round and round and round. An atom is a mobius thorroid. If you look at the electrons when they measure the electric vectors and stuff like that the electron has to go around the atom twice, so if you look at the concept of a mobius strip you’d have to go essentially twice the distance to get once round it. It has only got one side yes one side and yet it is a three-dimensional object. That is the compromise of having the third dimension in between the geometric symmetry of two to four.

Brian: so that’s why people are so easily misled, because they think they’re going in one direction, they really do believe it, and actually they’re going in another. That’s the great deceiver the great deceiver.

John: You have got to take  the conceptual frames that are around the side of that loop such as caring and love and things because your soul is not a mobius but it is in one.  Space time is a twist and we are within that twisted space so therefore we’ve got to take things – conceptual frames – which are outside of that in other words two-dimensional and so that that state includes togetherness. It is bringing things together rather than separating things. It’s the opposite of what goes on in the universe with entropy.

it is a full time job. That is why it is so difficult for us human beings to really grasp that. None of us none of us fully do.  I hope that makes sense.  It’s quite an important point.

More on interfaces: And then it ceases to be conscious and then it becomes subject to consciousness which is the atom and the observer effect and the double slit experiment that our atoms are made and eventually the atoms fall apart and all your left with is an information field or a heat field then otherwise everything is totally separate when it reaches total separation it folds back on itself logically because it becomes an absolute and when it becomes an absolute and remember God is the sum of all absolutes then you’ve got the complete cycle right so does it make sense

Further discussion on information/heat fields.

the next one is an information field or a heat Field<

John:  this is about  the generation of atoms. If  consciousness is required for the universe to exist we have a thing called the observer effect.  So an atom has to be observed in order to be an atom so that means that you’ve got somebody who’s aware that can observe that to be. If consciousness generates atoms you’ve got to go ‘I want an atom’. I want to see the atomic state so if you take that back to the to the theoretical Big Bang where you only had one little particle of reality then it pre-supposes that consciousness must have been there to make that happen.

So consciousness therefore precedes the universe so all of what science and everyone says about consciousness being an emergent function of the universe is the reverse of the truth. The truth is that consciousness is the major part of the Universe and the atoms are the decayed frozen functions of small parts of it. Therefore when you get to be an atom you no longer have awareness, and so you become subject so because it’s thought it’s still part of you essentially,  and so what’s going on is that you start out with higher beings that are aware and can control atoms by observing them to be that, but as the decay increases in the bandwidth of understanding decreases it decreases eventually to the level where the awareness is no longer exposed and it’s captured within the atomic frame because it hasn’t got much space to move around in within there and therefore you move from an aware state to other things being aware of you as an atom.

You lose the awareness and then you become subject to awareness, so in other words you can’t exist without somebody else observing you to be that, so consciousness is an essential function of the universe. We can’t just all leave because there wouldn’t be any atoms either.

Brian:  so is much depression because you do see yourself in a faulty way or you miss read who you are<

John: Absolutely because you look at who you are and not who other people are because the objective is to bring things together, to bring people together, and you don’t do that if you’re looking at yourself…. eventually the atoms fall apart. eventually when it gets  towards the fourth dimensional interface even the atoms can’t hold themselves together and they all become effectively what we call a ‘heat field’ or an ‘information field’ so all information is there but there’s nothing to spot it nothing to observe it. Information only has any value if there is something aware that can actually derive meaning from it.

n information or heat field is what you get at the end of the universe so everything is totally separate when it reaches total separation. So what happens is that once you get to this heat death state and you’re at the edge of observeability of all consciousness in the universe, and what happens then is that you cannot have total separation because if it comes total it becomes an absolute and that’s the final absolute that makes God the sum of all absolutes so then it returns logically and so the entire continuum of God is satisfied because you can actually see God from outside of God through the universal system and it eventually ends up back as an absolute and returns to zero.

Brian:  A bit of a slow train and long long circuit isn’t it.

John: Billions of years

Brian: I haven’t got time for that John

Brian: I question that the use of the word dimensionality
John: you do in the context of what you’re seeing from other people talking about dimensions. They’re talking, they’re trying but they’re mixing up the concept of a widening perception or bandwidth of understanding and they’re calling it an additional dimension. In fact the use of the word dimension is really an increasing restriction so they’re using the term dimensionality wrongly.

Brian: so a lot of people are using the terms wrongly
John: Absolutely. And there is always the tendency that going to it this is again to do with the compasses there’s always this tendency for for people to go with the entrophic drift in terms of what they think is an improvement and so this is why we know how societies that are full of complexity and technology and where we consider that to be a higher state than the primitive state we were in before we invented anything. Whereas is in fact in terms of consciousness and awareness it’s the opposite of this trait. We’re becoming more and more restricted as living things and we’re making prostheses using technology to cover that up and so in fact the amount of technology we have is an indictment on us for being more primitive in terms of our ability to do things naturally. (telepathy etc).

Brian: you’re lucky living in the country because they’re going to do 5G in all large towns now. 56. So ignoring science and so I mean basically bribed so it’s going to get more and more difficult to find somewhere to live without going mad.

John: Don’t forget that you’ve got to be susceptible to it in order to suffer. If you got a higher awareness you might not be susceptible to it. Jesus himself when he died when into the cities below the Earth for three days
Brian: to check them out you may not test himself?

John: essentially souls get trapped in magnetic bottles. The earth’s magnetism can catch you if you are weak enough or materialistic enough.
Brian: so the materialist in you is like a magnet
John: yes

Brian: well I’m going to search for another word for dimensionality because it’s annoyed me for years.
John: well they call it a dimension it’s really a reference to an extra dimension to your understanding but it’s not a physical dimension.

John: Ok that helps a bit. They don’t really realise that and they try and turn it then they’ve heard from science like that float in that video you know different theories would tell you the very so many dimensions in fact you can work out why there are 11 if you take zero and then there’s an interface to one and then there’s an interface to two and each one of those it’s got the the 1 to 2 side and the 2 to 1 side. It’s a bit like coming up through through the surface of water. The water itself changes right near the interface and that becomes a different place to be and the air itself when it’s very close to the water becomes still. It can only move in so many dimensions itself. It can’t go down into the water and therefore you’ve got and then there’s the interface itself where the atoms of the water are actually forming a skin.

Brian: so I’d like to say instead of dimension as it I’d like to say degrees of freedom
John: That will do.

Brian: Because it does my head in it really has been making me almost ill thinking about it.
John: again people are taking these essentially mathematical functions and trying to apply them to consciousness which doesn’t exist within those frames. It becomes entangled within them but the idea of 11 domains as has been claimed they’re all wrapped up within the structure of the Universe itself but this big twist that occurred is the wrapping mechanism for all of those.

Some we can see. some we call forces such as the strong nuclear force and all of those things those are aspects of these other interfaces which are sort of meshing in with three dimensions itself but you can’t go beyond three dimensions as a physical system but you can conceptually. Mathematics does this all the time, you can have any number of dimensions as in a mathematical equation.

Brian: What about the people, the souls of the people who were before Jesus came. Did they all suffer a disadvantage in not knowing the truth
John: Jesus actually … let’s say it was like he made going through treacle like going through water.

Brian: but what was what was the nature of his sacrifice in those terms. He gave his life for many we always say that,but actually what does it mean. Was he the the first one to make a breakthrough?
John: He made a breakthrough in the interface to paradise

Brian: so in theory because he did it he’s shown us the way and anyone with an inherent was at a distinct advantage but only not for ourselves but to be an example to others.
John: to towards that that hole in space time if you like in other words point your compass in that direction and you will go through this access point that Jesus created.

Brian: Without his creation of the access point we’d all be in more trouble.
John: you couldn’t actually go to what he calls heaven without a long drift through the different interfaces. They made it available for human beings to go straight there straight back to God whereas that wasn’t possible before, because the forces on the Earth, entropy acting on the earth increases force to such that that is no longer available and so somebody like Jesus will come along and lighten up the whole thing and make it less tense and therefore souls will less able to be trapped by it.

Brian: so do you think that our technically advanced Arcturians are closer to God than we are not because of the technology but because of their evolution as recognizing that love is one and this is important I mean is there another route?

John: there is a huge technology that the thing with our society is we have come to believe that the technology is bettering us whereas other civilizations for instance we’ll use technologies or will be able to manipulate matter in such a way that they are not tied to the products that they make. So in other words that higher beings, people that are less restricted for instance be able to naturally communicate with each other and therefore the use of radio and television and all of those different things is irrelevant you don’t need them.

With consciousness you’ve got to find a perpendicular interface. People have a tendency  to go with the entropic drift and what they think is an improvement so  people point their compass in a wrong direction and think it’s the interface.

to repeat, in terms of technology essentially is one of these pathways that you think was an improvement but isn’t whereas in fact in terms of consciousness and awareness it’s the opposite of so it’s an opposite effect so you really want less technology or less less materialism will give you moving more towards joining awareness.

Dimensionality in terms of  mathematical understanding of dimensions is part of it but  that the whole thing is to do with the wrapping up a consciousness to enclose it and reduce its ability to be able to see and do all things, so as you move further away from God which is the ability to do see and do all things as you move if you’re actually in a more wrapped up state than that then you are not as able as God but you don’t have the potential. Based on that idea that I’ve just mentioned if you make a choice you now have less choice.   if you have taken a path you haven’t taken the other one and that one’s no longer available. You would have to essentially go back to regain that potential and that’s what we do by being good and loving. You regain the potential as opposed to live in the actual,

Brian:  so unless you become as children etc

John: You are right in saying you know dimensions if you treat them like a machine would in terms of just mathematical understanding of dimension can you you’ve lost the consciousness part this is this this comes about a lot in what people study you know they’re losing this idea that awareness and science for instance is responsible for a lot of this because it says that consciousness comes from complexity and so in fact the competencies exactly pointing downwards toward more enclosure and more separation</

You know it you know based on what we’re talking about here if the Observer is required for me to exist then the universe itself came from consciousness therefore consciousness cannot be a product of the Universe because it caused it because it is already there. The atoms that are being produced and the Assumption of science is that it’s going the other way that’s why they’re trying to make ai’s conscious they think they’re going to be conscious these things because they’ve increased the complexity to the level or they’re getting closer and closer they think that when you get to the complexity of a brain then you’re going to get this emergent function which is consciousness.

Brian: Klaus Schwab thinks he’s absolutely right but he doesn’t know his compass is pointed in the wrong direction.

John: It gets worse and worse and worse and you become more enclosed and when you die you go to that other interface so you you’re attracted to one or at the other of the interfaces. Either the interface that brings all things together or the interface that separates all parts is that future that’s where folks like him are heading without the knowledge that they’re really doing it.

Brian: Someone said to me look all these people, all these members of Parliament bringing on all these rules and so on which will ultimately affect their own family and my response was that they themselves are being controlled by entities and by the time they realize it if they do at all it will be too late

Dimensionality is simply the elbows of restriction. The whole thing is to do with being less than God and yet in the thing is you have consciousness and so everybody that this is a human has the ability to return conceptually to the God state because your part of it so in fact you really never left it it’s only the point of view of placing your consciousness separate to the All although the whole thing is the All it’s just which way you look at it.

It’s just which way you look at it<

Brian: I made a big decision yesterday morning not to watch the morning news. Because they all interrupt each other they were talking nonsense and as you say it’s all predictable because you know what you can work it out for yourself what you’re going to say and why. I’ve decided to listen to my TransWorldRadio which is a good Bible thumping really solid good station

Basically I’m existing on my own in this context  even with Françoise of course she’s not the same as my soul. What I do is I imagine that I am already in heaven so to speak and treat everyone as if we were one. In other words I include everyone (difficult but I try) and it does work rather well. My outrageous conversations with strangers do continue and actually I inflate them enormously and I just enjoy it just talking to someone as if you’ve known them all your life and they seem to take it. That’s really good. I mean I know you John are good at this inclusivity as well but I’m pretty good also.

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