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An exploding news day “the day began like any other”

Samuel Pepys, my exemplar, was normally occupied with his day-to-day affairs of business but when the Fire of London came along his attention was diverted and his diary-writing affected. And so it is in this case so don’t worry I’m not going to turn this into a political magazine but it is in my view very serious and paradigm changing, hence my focus…..

It is my mission with my diary to write the good and the bad and the ugly and record what is going on. Part of this is the tranche of news items recently received by me from one of my colleagues. I merely forward it to you all and you must do your own research and make up your own mind.

Sometimes, news just explodes and this is the start of what must be turning into an atomic explosion. Does this day mark the end of the UK royal line if the next on throne is a murderer. I would love to believe that this is not true but it must be part of a working out of something far bigger than us all. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

NB  I have received a number of belitling and ridiculing tweets. I find very little of substance in them and maybe people want to let off steam and air their prejudices. I deal in facts. I hope I am wrong and that she does pop up bright and smiling but things do not look good at the moment,  Ed.   16:47  14/93/2024

Apart from that, not much to write about today as we spent much of a good time house tidying, making notes and chatting with my friend Terry who is somewhat of an expert on American politics   These are from Twitter , X.










both articles march 12

# Here is another video about what William might have done on his visit to the Cotswolds. (prior to Sunday 3 March 2024)
# King Charles, Kate Middleton to be sacrificed.  A video from the People’s Voice. March 3 2024
#  The noted introvert George Galloway in full voice with David Clews (Kate from 30:00. March 14 2024
# Royal family throwing out lies about Kate Middleton’s suspicious disappearance  March 14 2024
# Where is Kate Middleton? Psychic Insights into the dark Side of the English Monarchy March 14 2024Royal Family’s # Secret Exposed! Why Are They Hiding Kate Middleton? | Redacted News March 14, 2024
# Royal Insider: Kate Middleton Was Murdered in ‘Illuminati Blood Sacrifice‘ Video March 16, 2024
# Royal Family Probably Killed Princess Kate Middleton Video March 17, 2024 STRONG LANGUAGE
# Is this the first Kate Lookalike. Clearly to me anyway not the same person  The Sun (UK) Monday 18 March 2024
# The fun begins.   See GBNews’ take. 18 March 20245
# David Clews. Different nose, different jaw, looks younger.  Taking the piss!  late on 18th March 2024
# Kate Middleton lookalike Heidi Again breaks silence on conspiracy theory Daily Mirror 19 March 2024
# BBC Reporter Admits Royals Using Kate Middleton ‘Body Double’ 19 March 2024
# ‘Kate’ has cancer: Princess of Wales confirms diagnosis in emotional video – 22 March 2024
# The Doctor does not believe it. He says it doesn’t make sense. 23 March 2024
# A1 shows the image of Kate is a fake. David Clews  23 March 2024
# the many faces of ‘Kate Middleton’ photo image. 23 March 2024
# Of  course the MSM main stream media have other views ‘dangerous online rumours’   23 March 2024
# The amazing disappearing ring. Deepfake or what.  Views anyone? other examples on X 24 March 2024
# Kate Middleton’s Cancer Is Psy-Op To Normalize Turbo Cancer Depopulation Event 28 March 2024

This Kate Middleton lookalike is so good even her kids couldn’t tell which one is the real Kate May 5, 2017

Time Line

Dec 25 2023 – last time Kate was seen in public at a religious service

January 17 2024 – Kensington Palace announced that she had undergone stomach surgery at the London Clinic. Specifics not known but the surgery apparently went successfully and not cancerous

January 18th – Prince William seen driving away from the hospital

January 28th – a foreign journalist broke the story that she was in a coma citing an unnamed palace source (could have been their nanny)

February 5th – King Charles announced his cancer diagnosis, receiving therapy for an enlarged prostate and photographed leaving the clinic. In contrast three were no images of Kate leaving the clinic even though it was reported that she had gone back to Windsor to recover for 2-3 months. They said she would not return to her public duties until after Easter.

February 25th – British royal family member Thomas Kingston died after a traumatic head wound. After a lunch he was found in a locked building with a firearm.

March 4th – hazy photo of someone like Kate caught in her car

March 10 – released Mothers Day portrait. The reason given that William was not in the photo was because he took it. The photo was found to contain 17 corrections and we are asked to believe that Kate did these herself. She had no wedding ring. Four major agencies sent out a Kill Notification on the grounds of lack of authenticity.
In the light of Prince Harry’s book, spare, he alleges that Prince William physically assaulted him during a heated argument and caused him to fall on and break a dog bowl.  William may have beaten Kate up when he found out that Kate was having an affair with Thomas Kingston (speculation)

Long E-mail sent 13 March – ‘quick on the draw’ informant

Sent: 13 March 2024 14:56
Subject: The Yorkshire Lass on X: “@real_shirelass
A lot of weird happenings and exposure in the UK right now (PART 1).

On the 17th January Princess Kate had planned abdominal surgery. On the 3rd February 2023 Spanish press reported Princess Kate’s operation wasn’t planned, she was in a coma, inturbated and at one point doctors feared she would die. The Spanish press are saying there is a major blackout in the UK media on it. As we know Kate has not been seen since 25th December 2023. Reports have come out that there are 17 issues with Kate’s Mother’s Day photograph as royal apologises for editing it. The last photo of Kate is her and William sitting in back of car with her staring at a poorly edited brick wall through the back window driving out of Windsor Castle on the her way to a private appointment on the 11th of March. You can’t see her face in the photo. Yesterday 12th of March a car crashes into the brick wall of Windsor Castle.

This comes after Buckingham Palace’s gates being boarded up after a car smashed into them in the early hours of Saturday morning 9th March. I feel this is also comms for a financial crash incoming, as we know the City of London is the financial pillar of the world and with the head of the Rothschild family who owned most of the central banks in the world Lord Jacob Rothschild being announced dead on the 26th February it all seems like the White hats are preparing us for something big to drop. We also know that BRICS is ditching the US dollar and trading in their own precious metal backed currencies with many countries joining the alliance and coming away from the Rothschild slavery financial system.

In other news….nearly a 100 MPs are standing down at the next election and Theresa May also calling it day. A couple of days ago reports came out that the U.S. and U.K. authorities unveil a massive take down of The Annex, “One of the largest child pornography websites in the world,” following the sentencing of three men in British courts. Over 100,000 pedophiles uncovered in an elaborate “international enterprise.” How many of our MPs are involved.

A week ago breaking news came in on UK MSM that Britain’s biggest banks have been placed on high alert over hundreds of ‘rogue’ filings which appear to have been lodged at Companies House, the UK’s central corporate register. Which we all know that companies house is a massive front for massive criminal activity and fraud which connects to human and child trafficking through bogus companies that are being listed on the Government owned site. This also connects to our Judiciary system and local councils. They are all involved in massive fraud, child and human trafficking and funding terrorism.

Why do think our local councils in the UK are declaring bankruptcy and filing for a section 114, it’s because their assets have been seized through Trumps executive orders and the masses in the UK are waking up to huge corruption across the board and are stopping paying unlawful taxes to corrupt councils etc… This all comes after the Post Office scandal being exposed in January 2024 also called the Horizon IT scandal, which arose from faulty software, provided by Fujitsu, and known as Horizon, creating false shortfalls in the accounts of thousands of sub-postmasters, It has been described as one of the most widespread miscarriages of justice in British history.

Between 1999 and 2015, over 900 subpostmasters were convicted of theft, fraud and false accounting based on faulty Horizon data, with about 700 of these prosecutions carried out by the Post Office. Again all connected to the Government corporation corruption and fraud.

Sent: 13 March 2024 15:03
Subject: The Yorkshire Lass on X: “(PART 2) Continued. Yesterday it was reported that Andrew and Tristan Tate would be extradited to Britain following the issuing of two UK arrest warrants. They were arrested oversexual misconduct and human trafficking in two sep

Yesterday it was reported that Andrew and Tristan Tate would be extradited to Britain following the issuing of two UK arrest warrants. They were arrested over sexual misconduct and human trafficking in two separate cases from 2012 to 2015. After the Oscars on Sunday the 2 brothers put a video out to expose the Oscars  and their Satanic rituals and paedophilia within the industry. Then after the video the UK authorities Westminster Magistrates Court in London served them both an arrest warrant. As we know the Magistrates courts are corrupt and involved with sex trafficking and ran by a bunch of Satanic Pedos. The UK definitely don’t want them speaking the truth and it’s a distraction from their own sick crimes as so much is being exposed right now within the UK.

On Monday night at 9pm channel 4 put out a documentary called ‘Accused: The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax’. In 2015, two children accused parents and teachers of running a baby-eating satanic cult in a Hampstead school. Yes it was full of lies and propaganda reporting that the parents had nothing to do with the satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice of children and they focused more on the conspiracy theorists, blaming them causing stress on the parents. Which we know parents, teachers and schools, MPS, social services, churches, and other authorities were involved in the satanic abuse, rape and murder of children in Hampstead and UK authorities and MPS covered it all up and called us all conspiracy theorists for exposing them.

Them children did not lie about what happened to them by sick Satanists nor did their mother Ella Draper. They have always spoke the truth. So why bring this documentary out now during so much exposure – because it all ties to the Royals involvement with Hampstead and connects to the big Paedophile networks in the UK and across the world. The Whitehats are putting this out to prepare the masses, to put Satanic ritual abuse back into the consciousness. It also exposes channel 4 for covering up the truth and editing a lot of the original videos by the children and mother. Hampstead is going to be one of the biggest reveals and it’s going to be shocking.

It was reported yesterday in a landmark ruling that children will no longer be prescribed puberty blockers at gender identity clinics, NHS England confirmed. This includes Tavistock close to Hampstead and Portman NHS gender identity clinics which Tavistock is supposed to be shutting for good this month along with Portman Clinic.

Then we major news coming out of Haiti that the Haitian Prime Minister has stepped down as chaos and violence has erupted from armed groups in one of the biggest child and human trafficking hubs in the world. Which is massively connected to the Clinton foundation and other sex trafficking organisations. It will also all tie back to the UK’s involvement with trafficking children to places like Haiti and Epstein island.

The guy who is leading the militant group in Haiti called ‘Barbecue’ yesterday said “Today, we are taking the occasion to tell the international community to give Haiti a chance. Because what is happening in Haiti now, we Haitians have to decide who is going to lead the country and what model of government we want. We are going to figure out how to get Haiti out of the misery it is in now.” Let’s see how this plays out – as we know the Deep state are now longer in control of countries like Haiti as Q has told us that access ports to child trafficking hubs have been closed by the Military.

Then we have Assange being held in a Belmarsh prison since 2019 as he fights against U.S. extradition. We know Assange is safe and being protected by the Military. No doubt this will boomerang back round.

So yeah a lot flooding out the UK right now with it all heading for massive exposure and the satanic systems about to collapse. Feels like everything is building for huge revelations about to drop.
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11:32 AM · Mar 13, 2024

Rumours persist that Brigitte Macron is a man

According to a researcher, Brigitte Macron was born as Jean-Michel Trogneux, a man. But president Macron’s wife said she was being targeted by a transphobic rumor and she would file a complaint.

Two poems about Jesus

Jesus is my SATNAV
Jesus is my SATNAV
Ever since the day
He came into my heart and
Now He shows me the right way.
He speaks to me inside my head,
Directs my every move:
Turn left, turn right, go straight ahead,
Avoid that rut or groove!
He speaks to me so clearly
That I can never doubt
What it is I’m meant to do
And what life’s all about.
So, let Jesus be your SATNAV,
Your system for direction.
You’ll never be lost again, for sure
With Him in charge of navigation!
Looking for The Glow
I’m standing on a busy train,
Looking for The Glow
That shines on people’s faces
When they are in the know.
For I noticed with my daughter
That when she found the Lord,
His light shone clearly through her face,
His love from her it poured.
I wanted that same light, you see,
And so I prayed to God
To come into my life as well
So I’m not on my todd.
I look amongst the crowds I meet
To seek for Godly glow,
To recognise my brethren
And those still filled with woe.
Let me be your vessel, Lord,
To do your work through me,
To bring more people to the Glow
And put their faith in Thee.
Sandra McAll

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