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All Quiet on the Western Front

It is nice to have a day off after yesterday’s tumultuous question in which I asked whether Kate Middleton was dead . I had record viewing numbers and a number of colourful and varied comments about my subject material. This page, yesterday’s, will be a continuing story as I hear more evidence which so far is pretty damning . I’ve also said that if I am wrong and Kate Middleton reappears bright and breezy then I will take back my words . I’m not referring to a look-alike Kate Middleton but the real thing .

Frome – Christian Men’s Zoom meeting

Last night we had a small but satisfactory zoom meeting with about six members of the Frome men’s group.  We talked about the highlights of our week but then started to talk about David, the David in the Bible who wrote all the Psalms, but he was also an army leader. He had weaknesses and saw a woman bathing naked and decided he wanted his way with her. Unfortunately the husband was a loyal and faithful army subordinate so he sent the husband to a dangerous place when fighting another battle in the hope that he was killed. This in fact came to pass.

Do we talk about Jesus to people we meet?

We also discussed whether you should talk to people about Jesus when you meet them in the street. I said I do my best to enliven people’s spirits but would not raise the topic of religion unless requested. I think such forward talk can be an infringement and can be the means whereby they are turned off any interest in religion that they have.

I know that Christians Against Poverty which is a charity of Christian nature always ask if they can pray with clients. This is a different kettle of fish because the clients know that this will probably happen and they also know that CAP is a Christian charity.

We ended the meeting by praying for the wife of one of the members who had  had a seven hour operation to do with a stomach and bowel. She is currently very low in energy and all the husband can do is to visit her and offer his support.

Pornography – is it unconquerable?

We also had a quite amusing discussion following on David’s example about pornography. I said what a huge industry it was not to mention the pedophilia element .   One of the men suggested running away from looking at a woman but I was not quite comfortable with this. I suggested that if we loved and respect everybody the lust and desire mechanism would be considerably reduced or at least kept in control . Lust is about violation and I think in our hearts of Hearts we know that this predatory behavior is inconsistent with being a human being , more consistent with being an animal. This is not a good long-term plan.  I believe in the opposite, in imagining that we are in heaven where everybody is one, and acting accordingly.

My rules of which ZOOM meeting I attend

Prior to switching to the men’s meeting I was going to attend another meeting about relating to other people.  I did visit it. Out of 22 attendees, 14 people chose not to show their screen images. I have a rule that I do not converse with people by talking to a black square. I stayed with it for five minutes and then went over to my men’s group zoom meeting which was being running simultaneously.

An unexpected day out

Last night it became necessary for us to organize a visit to my dentist in Bath so I thought the two of us would go together for mutual support. In theory each one of us could have gone on our own but I decided for reasons that I did not know that we go together. The day showed some signs of good weather in that we could actually see blue sky even though such an occurrence only lasted for half an hour or so.

Nice to be around when there are few people. Everything is quiet.

Visit to Bath and Kennett Canal

We decided to visit the Bath and Kennett canal and have coffee in the visitors center.  Prior to the coffee we went to walk at my favourite place where the railway, canal, and river co-exist. As is our custom we talked to anyone who moved and we met an older couple who were both recovering from an operation and decided to exercise and take some fresh air in order to recover. I passed a lady who had a wonderful smile and I drew her attention to it and said that she should keep smiling all day. I know that when I say things come up I haven’t a clue of why I say them because in the cold light of day  I say some pretty daft things but it seems right to say them and people react positively so who knows?

Someone taking pride in their area

On the way back we went to visit our favorite ford, in Wellow (look up my previous references of which there are many)  and found that we could drive over it as the water levels were low, which we duly did. After a very circumlocutory journey we ended up in Radstock where we visited a few shops including Lidl and so back home.

Testimony and support for friends

I was motivated to call a Christian friend who attended the Frome meeting last night and reminded him that we are told in the New Testament to ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you’. That is Matthew 6:33 if you want to look it up. I said to my friend John, it does not say afterwards ‘and then run round like a headless chicken’.

We’re not supposed to run the universe but just be part of the dynamic between the human being and the force of love that created us. I bore this in mind this morning and did not think of my own needs but about spreading the experience of sharing, which in my view is the epitome of the Christian Faith.

Encouragement to someone who is giving a workshop this weekend

I also wrote an encouraging letter to a friend of mine who is giving of course this weekend. I realise this is completely unenglish to actually encourage someone when they did not ask for it but this is what I wrote.

In an act of Brotherly Love (from the Greek ‘frater’) I say the following

# This is a gift to you.
# You already have the entire universe of knowledge already within you.
# The attendees at your seminar or workshop this weekend will spark off your sharing what you already know.
# People who are this weekend are meant to be there and they are ready for what you have to say without being aware of it.
# If someone cancels then they are not ready.
# It is not your job to spoon-feed them but to be enough of a catalyst to help them in their own development.
# They have to do the work
# You already have an overflowing cup of knowledge largely due to past life achievements and the means to get more knowledge ‘on the hoof’ so relax and enjoy yourself and do your part of the job .
# It is the wavelength of love that is the source of all information that is of any value.
# You are not designed to be a super busy or busy person. It does not suit you !!!!!!
# Try being a sublime person. Much better, saves energy.
# It is possible to over-prepare for something . There is no harm being a bit untidy.
# By being yourself you ARE The Catalyst
That is all I have to say so enjoy your weekend

en – joy  enjoy (v.) enjoy. (v.) late 14c., “rejoice, be glad” (intransitive), from stem of Old French enjoir “to give joy, rejoice, take delight in,” from en- “make”

The People’s Health Alliance

Glastonbury at night. It is definitely a day town where visitors, mostly from abroad, come and sample the unique high street.  We are very lucky to live so close, though I would not want to live there.

This evening we went to a meeting of the People’s Health Alliance in what is to become a Glastonbury hub where all sorts of alternative treatments for the human condition, based on quantum entanglement and on frequency will be launched.  There were about 100 people gathered in the Town Hall. For the first time we had decided to participate in the excellent 376 bus service from Bristol to which is just beyond Glastonbury.

I have always said that you can tell the quality of a town or village Council by the tidings of its notice board and someone takes the trouble to keep this board up to date. Good for you, people

We drove by car to Farrington Gurney and took the bus from there which takes about 40 minutes. In country areas the last bus back cannot be guaranteed by any means but in the case of Glastonbury to Bristol the last bus was 9.56 pm.  which meant we could attend an evening meeting without being stranded.

e heard an excellent talk by Dr Joe Whitaker about how water can unlock your superpower, cleansing your mind, body and soul. We also had a remarkable talk by Dr Alex Ling again about water and saying how it has a secret language which together with sound is capable of resonating deep within us all. He said that the eclipse of the moon on the 8th of April would catalyse a change in Earth’s energies which would resonate for the next 12 months.
However the first talk was a very unconvincing presentation about an American healing method called the Energy Enhancement System. It was their first presentation of the two people made a complete mess of it through that whole preparation and prematureness. You do not announce a website with plenty of videos when there is only one on the site. When you have a slide presentation you always practice it first. You do not read from us script but speak directly from the heart. They had no offices and no means of offering a service to the public but they would have at some future time. During this first presentation, quite a few people walked out but the second and third talks made up for the rest. I take the view that if things are meant to be, they will happen.

Driving at nights

It is probably because I’m getting more senior but I didn’t realize how much of a stress it was driving at night. My main problems are larger cars with headlights that keep them on full beam even though they should dip them when they see other cars. I have found myself almost blinded and not seeing where I’m going.
Anyway a great and colourful day. Yes there was yet more rain but we get used to it for some perverted reason,

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