What is the ideal number at a social gathering?

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Today, a routine shopping morning and a visit to the bakers to pick up some scones for a social meeting that I’m having this afternoon. A friend of mine, Terry, is very skilled and knowledgeable about American political affairs and has the sort of mind that can remember fact and join the dots.  Scheduled to come to the meeting or a couple who are similarly red pilled and very interested on the powers behind the scenes. To enhance the atmosphere I lit a fire and made sure that the living room was pleasantly warm

I have run many social events over the years and I can tell you the most important moment is the first few seconds especially with people who have not been to the meeting before. There is nothing worse that standing in the door looking around for someone to talk to and announce your arrival. The greatest should be positive and reach out to people with a smile and greet them.

I don’t go to dinner parties these days but I wouldn’t feel comfortable if there were more than about eight people. There is always a bit of competition here for the brightness of your conversation. I have no knowledge of people who take their mobile phones and keep them on but I would consider that for a dinner party that is out of order, whereas if someone is meeting a few friends in the pub I don’t see any harm in keeping the phone at your side and looking at it from time to time. If you were dating someone I would say definitely keep the phone off during the meeting.

For interest-based discussions I have always felt that small groups are the most productive. I do not like and never have liked football crowds.

The appropriate number of guests at an event really does depend on the nature of the event. At funerals for example which means for a particular purpose there could be a hundred people and in so far as they know each other, and conventions are followed, the necessary social business can be done.

At public relations launches the aim would be to enthuse the guests with the value and benefits of the particular product that is being  promoted. In this case it is not important that the guests have a relationship with each other so I suppose any number can be accommodated

To this day I do not like entering a room of strangers though I will do it and survive. I reckon the best number for people who are interested in the same thing, or should I say who are on the same wavelength is about a dozen, perhaps 8 is the ideal number. The point is that everyone can have a go at speaking and feel they have a voice whereas with larger groups come up the more dominant people tend to hog the proceedings with their views. We discussed Kate Middleton and her video yesterday saying that she had cancer. This video has already been dismissed as a fake probably shot on a green screen using a Kate Middleton look alike.

It’s amazing what the non-thinking public will accept  as true. After about three hours I had to work as full as they could be of new knowledge and challenging ideas. I served warm scones with Devon cream add raspberry jam. It seemed to go down well. I am one of the old fashioned types that likes to have tea at 4:00 p.m. As indeed did we. For those of you that follow my diaries I am unusually and exceptionally adding to my diary of the 13th of March 2024 and keeping a historical record of the stages through which Kate has gone from the last time she appeared in public on the 25th of December.

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