Month: April 2024

Am I the right subject for memory regression?

I went for a session with the practitioner in Glastonbury today to see if there's anything in my past lives that would inhibit my success in this life. I believe in pre-existing contracts not only when you come to this life but binding contracts that may have been made in a previous existence. Although she tried to get me to going to another state of consciousness by for example going down a set...

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I defeat an attempt to scam me on the phone

It's worth going into this in some detail because you never know, you could be next. I was called around 1.15 this afternoon from a strange sounding English person who appeared to know that I was with the Co-op Bank which is correct. He said there had been three attempts to compromise my account, one of which was for £1,750 . He said they had stopped this.  He asked me if I had my card in my...

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Why go to church?

This morning I rose early as is my wont and after a couple of coffees decided to tune in to Trans World Radio which is an international American-based evangelical station with an outreach station in the United Kingdom. At 8 o'clock this morning a group of English commentators were discussing the problem with 'noise' in society and how it distracts us from thinking and focusing our minds where...

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The week in review from ‘The Conservative Woman’

Every day I read the conservative woman which is an internet publication edited by Kathy Gyngell.   Every Sunday she writes a week in review. This week so epitomizes what is going on in the UK and indeed elsewhere that I thought I would reproduce it in full for publicity purposes and at the same time encouraging you to subscribe (see link below) I have taken the liberty of adding illustrations....

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An amazing knife sharpener, a bad stomach, a brilliant podcast

Following on yesterday's chance meeting we met with the knife sharpener outside a local facility, Midsomer Quilting. He charges five pounds a pop. He is very good at what he does, he's even a trainer for other aspiring sharpeners and drives around the south west of England and parks in various per-arranged places. When I got home I tried out the garden shears that he had sharpened and I found...

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Wetherspoons should run the UK + do we live in parallel universes

The habit of having fish and chips on Fridays has been woven into me all my life so we decided to go to Farrington shopping centre or farm centre. We had 2 huge fish and chips portions together with one chip portion. The fish were delicious and not completely saturated with batter. In the restaurant was a sign which I found amusing, Illustrated. We then went into the farm shop to buy some milk...

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