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The imposing front entrance

I might as well start the week as I intend to go on,  so off to my local cafe or caff.  Porkies Cafe serves drivers and workers on an Industrial Estate in Westfield BA3 4BH. You cannot say that the front door is imposing. I go there because they do excellent fried bread and because I like the unpretentious surroundings.

Today when I arrived at 8.15 am there were many cars parked outside and I thought the place would be packed but when I entered, nobody was there. ‘They have all been and gone’ I was told by one of the servers.

The only sound was the local radio station playing; the announcer was asking what people did that was unspectacular but satisfactory and enjoyable. I quite enjoy going on buses provided it is to somewhere meaningful. At my age it is free and I don’t have any responsibilities. Is there an atmosphere in Porky’s? Short answer, no.  It is a large room with a serving area, seats of varying ages and decrepitude, and a toilet leading off the main room.

I can think of situations where I’ve been in an up-market restaurant on my own and I find this acutely uncomfortable, especially if waiters are hovering around with nothing to do. If there was even one other person or couple at another table I would feel better but strangely enough, I don’t mind being on my own in this current situation. It is the same with Wetherspoons. Anyone male or female can go in, sit on their own, and feel safe.

I can hardly describe my meal as healthy. I don’t know about the fact that the fried bread is cooked in questionable fat, but having said that I have seldom got sick. The bacon was of good quality, better than that which I get at Wetherspoon’s. Apart from that, eggs are eggs and beans are beans.


An amazing picture on the wall of the cafe.

On the wall was a photograph that I have long admired. It does reflect the situation in the world today which has been taken over by the forces of evil and people are blithely walking around as if nothing has happened.The Nazis just regrouped and most of them went to USA after WW2; the Khazarian mafia have been on the go for centuries; and we have some sort of alien interventions  (over 120 civilizations have visited us during the life of the earth).

This image was taken by photographer Jean Guichard. The lighthouse is off the coast of Brittany, France, showing a keeper at the door about to be engulfed by a titanic wave. The photograph is truly one of the most recognizable lighthouse photographs of the world.

The story goes that the keeper was fearing for his life and waiting for a rescue helicopter. The helicopter that approached was not the rescue one but the one being used by the photographer. The Keeper suddenly realized his danger and retreated behind the door. Had he not done so, he would surely have been killed. Meanwhile, the photographer continued snapping away.

Teacher fired for doing his job

I read about a teacher this morning who was fired because he refused to call a boy a girl. The boy had decided to transition behind the backs of the parents and the teacher was trying to ensure due diligence and safeguarding to make sure the boy was not making the wrong decision but once he had been reported the die was cast and the authorities, the school and the teaching Union did not stand up for him.

Today is the famous eclipse in USA

Today is the famous eclipse and I believe it is being broadcast on the BBC. There have already been an unusual number of earthquakes, which had been forecast, but I wonder what else on the esoteric and spiritual level will happen.

Mixture of rain and sunshine

No sooner do we plan to do something outside then it starts raining. Goodness knows what the water table is like, I don’t know how Bahamas are going to prepare their land for sowing seeds because it is just plain and simple waterlogged.

Eclipse of the sun

I suppose all eclipses look the same and have done since time immemorial. Whether there will be any associated raising in consciousness, further earthquakes time will tell. The time of visibility was 19:07 BST to 20:46 BST)
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