Day 7 – our return from London

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And so after and all too brief sojourn in London we return. I always leave home base much earlier than I need to so we left our place in Selsdon which is somewhat south of East Croydon over two hours before the train’s scheduled departure. I take the view that if you leave earlier then you need to, if anything goes wrong along the way it normally rights itself after a period of time so there’s no need to look at your watch every two minutes to worry if you’re going to miss the train or the plane.

I saw the following poster en route (Victoria Station) which is a very well thought out and clever informal message from the Samaritans (for people who are there in case you want to take your own life)

I am ‘economically minded ‘as some would say but in spite of this we decided to return by train to try it out time-wise and stress-wise. The train takes one hour 20 minutes from Paddington to Bath which is about 40% of the time that the bus takes. We paid £15.50 each for single train tickets and that’s using my Two Together card. Okay so there was the slight hassle of getting from Victoria to Paddington but that is just a few stops on the Circle Line.

All types of activity in Paddington Station; many people working on their lap tops. Long queues at the enquiry desks.

Two ladies on the right with six huge suitcases. Were they emigrating?

We arrived early and sat watching the cornucopia of activity on the station. I noticed that ticket office was closed and found out that this was because the security system had failed and no one could actually get into the office to work there. So the security system was too secure to break into and so it should be but it is a two edged sword.

The train left dead on time at 11:30 and moved speedily and almost silently through the landscape showing that the countryside had still not recovered from the recent flooding. There were 72 seats in our carriage and only about 10 of them were occupied so although we had reserved seats, we could more or less sit where we liked. In  future we shall do the outward journey by bus from Bristol (£2.95 single) and the return by train.

I was able to relax over the seven days and I realize how tired I had become Since the feeling happens incrementally it is difficult to spot but only when I could really relax away from my computer I could see how important having a break is. It does not matter where I go, so long as I am free from responsibility and in a different environment I can self repair.

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