Wetherspoons should run the UK + do we live in parallel universes

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The habit of having fish and chips on Fridays has been woven into me all my life so we decided to go to Farrington shopping centre or farm centre. We had 2 huge fish and chips portions together with one chip portion. The fish were delicious and not completely saturated with batter.

In the restaurant was a sign which I found amusing, Illustrated. We then went into the farm shop to buy some milk and in front of me there was a chap who had a big t-shirt on  announcing knife sharpening. On Impulse I asked him if he had a business card and he said no but he would be at a certain venue tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Strange this should happen because we were just talking about how blunt our knives were and how much we needed to do sharpening. This synchronicity shows that we are on the right track so I was well pleased.

Tim Martin, founder and chairman of Wetherspoons

Wetherspoons to run the UK.  In my dreams I can imagine what I want. I would love Tim Martin to bring his inclusivity, his compassion and his business sense into dealing with this train wreck of a country that it has become. Although I’m talking about the United Kingdom. this could be true in any other country.

The problem with the current so-called government is that they have sold their souls collectively and individually to globalist interests. In other words they see themselves as a part of a potential collective of a one world government, one legal system, one financial system etc. They have signed agreements in Rio, Geneva etc.

The problem is that our UK Government along with many others have also made certain promises to the electorate and so they’ve got to go through the motions of pretending to serve the public. Because this is essentially an act, it doesn’t fool anybody. Bad decisions all made unilaterally such as the lunacy of HS2 plus putting up migrants in four star hotels, or giving billions of aid to the Ukraine. As it says in the Bible and I’ve said this before, no man can serve two Masters. Matthew 6, v24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

This brand is working for the public but also working with and for their staff. You can detect team spirit a mile off and indeed lack of it. Grumpy or ill mannered staff is a sure sign of lack of support. No one wants to be miserable in their work but if someone gives you poor working conditions it’s difficult for this not to have an effect on the customers. There are other good role models.  I have had the pleasure of watching day-to-day activities at the Hilton Hotel Park Lane London on a TV series and they do emphasize service to an exquisite level. It is a pleasure to see staff take a pride in their job and it is clearly a focus of much cooperation to get a working position.  They gave an example of a staff worker of 50 years service who is still incredibly proud of the tradition of the Hilton.

I asked my friend John to watch two videos which I append here. When I speak to people who have known me for a long time I like to have an agenda in order to start the ball rolling. I started by reading a letter that I had received in 1980 from someone who was impressed on my work with Kirlian aura photography where you photograph the image of the hand or living things such as a leaf. I was at the Mind Body Spirit exhibition in Olympia back in the day. I must have made thousands of diagnoses what should I say feedback from people’s energy patterns and I look back even 30 years afterwards with great fondness and affection.

The first video is about Louche energy  which is the by-product of fear and anger. It is the sort of energy that is attractive to alien beings. They feed on this in the way that we feed on steak and chips. Robert Monroe, the remote viewer, saw the whole earth as an energy farm to feed aliens and from the look of the world today this may not be too far from the truth though I agree this would be such an alien concept of most people would just laugh at it. Is energy harvestable?

There are many forms of the human being. We are used to feeding ourselves through putting material into our mouths to be digested by our stomach  and thus convert it into energy.  Just suppose that other civilizations had evolved with their understanding of energy that they were able to take it out of the air or atmosphere and use it for their needs . I’m sure Nicola Tesla was on the right track with his idea of free energy.

The second video is talking about a timeline split- humans are splitting into groups where different dimensions pertain.  There is talk of syntropy versus entropy given by a young lady who although she is not wrong in any of her points has got some of her facts muddled up but nevertheless provides an opportunity to explore the subject in greater detail.

Yes I do feel we are living in a parallel world and as I approach my 80th birthday I’m looking back on my life so far and considering my position including my priorities which is what I have tried to do. Particularly when in public I feel as if I am walking one way along a tunnel and there are 100 people walking the other way though they don’t know they are doing it.

The logic AND pure common sense of forceless love as preached by Jesus is the antithesis of the artificial intelligence mode that we are all being seduced to be part of. My question is, do we ignore our fellow travel companions, do we send them love, do we entertain them as best we can because they are part of humanity? I sometimes find myself in a lonely minority and not sure what my purpose is. In my more mendacious moments I do wonder whether we are on the right planet.

I know of course we have to be here to  learn certain lessons. Sometimes I wake up without a sense of knowing what is my purpose in life though to be fair, concern does fade away when I actually get on and do things. I am not one who can sit in my living room and do ‘nothing’ though I have been known to doze off in front of certain TV programs.

In a way it is impossible to do nothing because you are living breathing active radiant being and you cannot just switch yourself off so the relationship between all the people that I know and probably someone that I don’t know but who know me, continues. As one of the disciples said, ‘we are all members one of another’ and this is such a profound statement that you could spend a whole book writing about it and not come to the end of the  list of conclusions. Most of us want to make some sort of difference to the world or at least leave it a better place than when we arrived.

I am not the type to engage in marches and demonstrations and even if I was, I’m not sure that it’s a very good idea. The powers that be have already included this in there computations so all that would happen would be that we would be photographed and records kept in the case of greater surveillance and interference with our normal daily lives.

To me, consciousness is what it’s all about my main task seems to be too get involved with and encourage and be part of the maximum number of living souls with whom I have something in common. So, if I help 20 people and they are able to give enhanced help to 20 other people each then the multiplier effect kicks in. What makes my day is listening to testimonies, statements of truth from the heart, and meetings like I recently did with the 97 year old man who was full of the joy of life.

The powers that be are very much against us but that is partly because they are losing the battle, falling apart and so we can  expect to see a  large amount of destruction. I’m encouraged to see that a lot of papers have come out describing the nonsense of zero carbon and climate change and this must be going into the public consciousness somewhere. Man-made global warming is impossible so why not look to our nearest energy source which is, fanfare of trumpets, the sun.  I realized that I was more aware of my ignorance than I was 10 years ago and one new fact will cause six new questions which I don’t have time to investigate so this business of learning goes on forever. I don’t think we can arrive. My food is learning and sharing.

The Grays, i.e alien beings, are an example of an artificial creation of consciousness. They are trying to create consciousness which is in fact impossible to do because it remains an algorithm whereas consciousness itself has free will and choice and doesn’t have to obey any algorithm. It can make up its own mind. A camera can see something but this does not make it a conscious vehicle.

Sometimes I have an idea, in my case an idea how to create and enhance to community within a given city or town and I marvel at the extent to which the detail is expressed. If we believe in quantum entanglement or universal consciousness, it may be that I am The catalyst or causal agent for someone somewhere else either on this planet or further away, to get an idea that will be of use to people.

I understand that what can prevent this is the signal to noise ratio because all magnetic fields will interfere but we’re pure communication between two people. Magnetic Fields have nothing to do with consciousness. Unfortunately, we are putting huge amounts of magnetic field energy into the world including 5G, radar, television signals, radio signals not to mention the hundreds of thousands of satellites that are being put up by Elon Musk to cover every square meter of the earth with a radio signal. The force of this system will tend to cancel out the still small voice of quietness. There has to be a part of us which is not electromagnetic in our nature, the so-called higher functions, where force does not prevail.

In spite of all the force and white noise the natural telepathy between people works very well for example when someone says in response to your telephone call, funny, I was just thinking about you. I can see that we are effectively responsible for the human race via system which is not visible to the naked eye but is definitely predictable in nature. We are actually dynamically affecting people so there’s nothing you can do that doesn’t affect other people or even affect you.

If you try to opt out of the system it is a bit of a double-edged sword because on the one hand although you may be freer and in a better place, you will be less in a position to be able to help others and thus help your own development. Jesus spent much of his time on his own but he also spent his life going out and teaching people so in other words being on our own is part of a mechanism of being able to clarify your mind but having such a mind you have an obligation to go out and use it.

In my own case, I was a hopeless introvert in my teens and indeed in my twenties because my parents never had a social life  the confines of the church and I didn’t know what social human behavior was and had to learn it from others. I’m now quite choosy in the people I share more closely with. At a certain point I realize that I have nothing to contribute to a particular conversation for example about cars or machines or aspects of day to day life and there is simply no point in attempting to take part.

It’s not that the others are bad people it’s just that we’re not kindred spirits.  We may have developed our view to quite an extent and become efficient but I think it is worth having a review of it from time to time perhaps incorporation with others just to make sure that a tweak is not in order.

With regard to our social communication, Jesus said a number of things, one of which was ‘ let the dead bury their dead’ and the other was ‘find who is worthy and stay with them’. Someone also said ‘to who much is given, much is  expected’ and I feel that I have been given a fairly good hand of cards and so I have a concomitant obligation to share them with other people.

I have noticed the collapse in the group of which I was a part, the local vineyard group, and the main mistake their hierarchy made was to dismiss someone from a position of leadership without telling other people why.

The word ‘hierarchy’ is applicable to various contexts. This is a personal one about our development. (Maslow) and has no political content as such.

Hierarchies are intrinsically evil when applied in politics if one group of people try to control another and people are forced into a set of tenets,  which restricts and limits the activities of the majority.

We have been given wisdom in aspects of our life and it’s up to us to disseminate this. Someone said to be once, if you want to go to heaven, take as many people as possible with you’ I feel the goal of being accepted by everyone is a fantasy as we are so different and peculiar and idiosyncratic, a one-size-fits all person does not exist in real life. It is probably a good idea that we do not see the results of our actions. That would mean that we would start to behave like an AI person. Love is not quantifiable in terms of force.

In a  way, information is a dead thing because ultimately it can be reduced to a string of Zeros or ones and it is a form of code. It’s a duality that must originate from something which was originally together for resolution of that duality so the breakup of thought is information. Say I’m trying to gather all information, which is what the world is trying to do at the moment, in order to piece together what happened to break it all up.

It’s an impossible task.  John is concerned when people start to use the word ‘frequency’  frequently. They think that if you increase the frequency you get more spiritual. In fact if you increase the frequency of the wave you actually get an increased enforce paradigm so in fact what you want to do is to decrease the frequency

Love is not a wavelength; it is pure form because it is essentially a cohesive function of all points together and therefore it can’t ever be away because there’s nothing to make waves so it’s forceless.  That what the spirit is. We speak about low vibes. It is all force and this is the force that you get in an incongruity where things are being thrown together so thought waves carry thought not enlightenment so love is the absence of force. You cannot force love down someone throat.

All these ideas are a massive thing to get into our heads and what all of us are still trying to do, those that are spiritually orientated, is to understand the whole thing and it is unlikely we will never see the whole thing well we are in physicality anyway.  We can impute the final answer in terms of logic and we can analyze our situations and say which way the compass should be pointed.


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