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Today, Francoise had a minor dermatological treatment, as the NHS are no longer proselytizing such interventions.  Dr Pimple Popper and the bad skin clinic on TV will show you some examples of conditions that are treated privately.

After the NHS told Francoise that they could not help her she went for a private consultation which cost £175 for 30 minutes.  Shortly afterwards an operation time was arranged and she was given a slot within a week. Today, between nine and nine thirty am she had the intervention which was successful. Included in this was a biopsy to check for any malignancy. The cost of this 30 minute treatment was £620.

This was done in the Sulis medical center in Peasedown St. John which is part NHS and part private. I had a coffee and some porridge. The staff were efficient and friendly, there was no waiting time, she even got a free cup of tea afterwards. Job done.

With the waiting time for cancer, hip replacement, heart conditions, reaching sometimes for years, it makes you wonder which way the NHS is going. I am not an NHS specialist but it does seem that there is privateization by stealth. People spend money on inclusivity officers, and multiple layers of management which the ‘department of common sense’ could deal with quite well.

I had a look at the Board of Managers  on a notice board at the Royal United Hospital in Bath and I could not recognize even one of the names. They had all been replaced.  It does seem these days that we are not being consulted or even told about the changes that are going on behind the scenes and they are not necessarily for our benefit


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