What is the Holy Spirit? What is intelligence?

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Do we know more than we think we know?

I have a theory that we all know everything but 99.9% of it resides in the subconscious. All that is required is someone asking us the right question and this provides the catalyst for the requisite knowledge to pop up. This is why listening to someone is so important because we provide the theatre, the environment, the circumstances in which people’s inner exploration can be encouraged and enabled to flourish.

This is the latest episode in my conversation with my friend John where there were two topics, the ‘Holy Spirit’ and ‘Intelligent conversation’.

What is the Christian ‘Holy Spirit’?

I am reminded of my evangelical friends who wave their arms about and ask for the Holy Spirit to visit them, bless them, move around in them, influence people who are in need, and generally bless everyone. I’m also reminded of the disciples in the early stages of the Christian church where the Holy Spirit was described as a wind. Obviously something must be going on.

I was initially skeptical – or was so on this occasion – because if the Holy Spirit is within us all, so asking or begging or beseeching it to go from A to B is a bit simplistic. In other words, if it is omnipresent, how at the same time can it not be? Are the manifestations indicative of something going on externally or is it just reflecting an inner change?

We have God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Ghost aka Holy Spirit. God is something which is ‘all’ together and contains the origin of all of us in one place. You could say that all absolutes are confined in Godhead.

Because we have separated from oneness, becoming individuals, it makes us separate from other individuals which therefore creates in us all a different structure. So to remind us all, God is in fact nothing, no thing, where no force resides at all so it’s just pure consciousness which includes the origin of all our consciousnesses.

Why do we all see differently?

It may seem a paradox when the Holy Spirit has been described as a wind when in fact it represents stillness. If you’re talking about stillness and eternity I don’t get what part the wind plays. So Iets say we think of someone who has near death experience they go to another level and they feel things like a breeze but none of it exists at all, it’s all perceptual.

It results from changing their state by observing something. Is the brain acting as a translator. It’s not being received by the senses. Our brain cannot translate any of this material so an image or an impression is the brain’s best effort to make sense of something that is a bit alien to it. So we are all going to see different things because we are all different so every dream and imagining is different, every idea you have a unique and all are being made from the same components but the individually determines which  of your filters you have switched on.

If you were an artist you would do it in a more artistic fashion or if you were religious you would do it in a more religious fashion. Anything  we say even if it’s uttered in all honesty will be heard in different ways because the translation mechanism is working in different ways. For example let us say you mentioned the word ‘God’ to someone who doesn’t believe in God, it is a anathema to them, even if you say that it is not the God of religion they cannot translate this any other way because it’s ingrained. They would have to train themselves to get away from that word and that would be a lengthy process.

The same applies with covid, at this stage of the game years down the line you are either for it or against it. It’s the same with climate. People believe unthinkingly, unfortunately, even when the evidence presented is not proper science only material generated by mathematical models. The reality is generally the opposite of the paradigm being put forward to them and this is done deliberately.

The only thing that I can think of that will make a difference to entropic drift is a rise in consciousness of the general public and I don’t know if that’s going to happen any time soon but having said that even if 90% of the population are insensible or dead, it would only take  10% of the people to provide the yeast for transformation

When we think we observe something from the outside we are doing that observation as God would,  but the problem is what we do in individuality is to put lampshades on with different colors of elements and different responses, so we are applying psychology to the light and in doing so we become an individual so our soul is represented as the Holy Spirit but it’s really just the functional end of an optical fiber which traces back to God.

So if God is ‘no thing’ there has to be a concept of some thing which can be seen as a point; that point makes an almost infinite difference with a zero. That is why this state is called the Son of God. It is the prime part of existence. That is why Jesus was reported to say ‘you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven except through me’

in other words he was a summation in the universe of all parts so in other words, the nearest to God you can get in a universe without actually crossing the divide and going there. The further you go from unity the more you degrade.

So to sum up you’ve got three positions

1. Nothingness
2. Something (in other words a gateway which represents the simplest structure of matter)
3. The current and endpoint in time of that combined consciousness.

These three positions are father, son and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the manifestation of whatever is going on at the moment. So the Holy Spirit moving through adherents means that they are aware of a higher function of themselves, in other words closer to the zero point. The Holy Spirit itself is not like an invisible balloon that floats around and comes towards you and give you a blessing. It’s a change in your perception and raises your individual consciousness.

We are perceiving the human manifestation of praying and worshiping from a human point of view. Do we call this going back to God although no actual movement occurs? Is it a conceptual understanding which is what we call movement?

It may be like linking together the strands of an optical fiber cable getting close together so when they start to touch  gives a feeling of togetherness so that togetherness is yet another function or state which is not present in the individual so in these conditions you can start to appreciate more of this ‘together’ function which is going towards God and you can translate that as the Holy Spirit moving through you. You become enlightened.

The opposite of Enlightenment is not endarkenment which only exists as a contrived antonym. We can call it ignorance so ‘knowing’ is making you more enlightened, and less knowing take you to the other pole. In the latter case the individuality will eventually decay into animal individuality. In other words the bandwidth becomes smaller and smaller and smaller until the atoms in it, and in you, will break up into information. Information is the opposite of consciousness so it’s almost nonsense to call it artificial intelligence because it’s an oxymoron.

When we speak of Divine Beings such as angels they are embodying the more together function of the whole thing, so as the strands of consciousness emerge, they form greater and greater consciousness. This situation helps to counteract the process of decay. NB We are not ascending like Darwin; we are actually descending, so if you leave something alone in an entropic universe it’s going to break up and we are part of that process. Our bodies are doing that via an individualistic psychological stance so we are solely responsible for our drift or our coalescence.

Our long term goal is to learn enough and apply our will to reverse the trend and reach a state of virtual unity. If people use their free will to go the other way then we have to do what Jesus said which was ‘let the dead bury their dead’

Intelligent conversation

I overheard this snatch of conversation which caused me to believe that you cannot have an intelligent conversation with someone who is too frightened to think because if they are frightened, the conversation will stay within safe levels and no one is going to get anywhere.  You might say that everyone thinks they are intelligent because when they work within their bandwidth, and that bandwidth is all they know, therefore they think they know everything that is necessary to know. That is their universe.

Intelligence is not limited to humans; animals are intelligent.Their survival intelligence is and indeed has to be of the first order.

If animals ran the world I would give a prize to ants for their organisation, elephants for family-mindedness, birds for perfect formation flying, eagles for eyesight, snakes for cunning, beavers for construction skills

The word intelligent is very strange, it really is a variable. People in a bar can be talking intelligently, expressing their opinion. If you are an observer on a different wavelength or higher bandwidth you may well identify them as ignorant.  Maybe it’s better just to call it a conversation rather than an intelligent conversation because that implies lack of prejudice.

The main question for me: is someone intelligible? How well do they put their point across? You can be a high functioning intelligent person and yet incapable of putting a point across or you can be of average intelligence and be exquisite putting your point across. People tend to place themselves in the social hierarchy adopting certain self chosen  criteria and may in consequence designate themselves as a superior subset but ……this very act makes them inferior in understanding.

The scientific community is basically lost, wandering around the decks of the Titanic giving each other prizes not realizing that the whole ship is sinking; they do not have any appreciation of that. In a way, talking about artificial intelligence is an oxymoron.

Live and let live

Coming back to our worshiping hand waving evangelicals praising God in their own way and asking them to bless what they’re doing. It is the right way for them so basically we have to let them get on with it. With regard to prayer and praying we are raising energy back to where its pure source. In other words being and becoming less entropic so you’re really praying to a former version of yourself in other words you’re talking to the ‘God version’ of yourself.



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