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Death is the greatest journey of all
that is why they save it for last

This was a saying that Carol Castaneda saw on a poster in a village and which he liked a lot. I am just watching the Secret of Carlos Castaneda 2018 video.   I loved his books and I consumed them all.

Wedding – thanks but no thanks

I seldom get invitations to weddings but a couple of days ago I received one from an acquaintance that I met at the Alternative View conferences down the years. He said he was getting married on the first of June and would I like to come. The idea appealed and he sent me an internet link on which was listed the details of the day.

I noticed that the time allocated for the church service was  two hours. Although I accepted the invitation I did query that long period of time and I said that even royal weddings don’t take that long. He replied saying that their would be lots of worship songs for Jesus. This was bad timing for me because I had just escaped from an environment where I did not find it all that easy to take the happy clappy approach to God. I can take it for about 15 minutes but two hours was too long so I wrote saying that I will decline on this occasion because I don’t have the stamina to worship in this fashion and I wished them all the best.

He replied saying he understood and I replied saying that we are all different. This is the first time I’ve ever known a marriage ceremony being linked to what I would call a worship service and although we ask God to bless our relationship to me the two elements just do not mix. The idea of a wedding is to unite a man and woman or two people under God. You then go to the reception and get to know the other people and congratulate the bride and the groom.

I declined with regret but I just don’t think I can take any more of this sort of thing. I have nothing against worshiping God but if he is God he will get the idea after looking into people’s hearts after a couple of seconds. I don’t see you have to go on and on forever.   Maybe I missed out. Who knows?

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