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On the occasion of my 80th birthday I have thrown a party and I want to reflect on the last 80 years but also don’t want to bore people to death. I will try and give my utterances in postcard size chunks and also introduce a sense of humor where possible.

I choose to speak for 2 minutes per decade so that means a 16 minute long speech and the question is can I hold people’s attention for that time and that depends partly on my writing ability. I want the talk to be inclusive so that all though it may be partly about me, it has implications and relevance to other people’s experience so hopefully too many people will not go to sleep.

The average spoken word speed is 150 words per minute so for 16 minutes that’s 2,400 words That sounds a lot so it’s up to me to introduce as much variety, humor, and intonation as possible to maintain the momentum.

My intention is that the 16 guests arrive on the intended day at 2 o’clock, have a cup of tea and nibbles if they are hungry, and then start the meeting with my talk and then possibly a few testimonies along the way followed by a toast followed by a conversation and some food probably finger buffet style.

I took the unusual step of asking people to write to me are giving a few words about themselves so that when people meet 15 strangers they won’t feel completely overwhelmed. I will have circulated the information about a week before the event.

I hope the request  not seen as formal or military it’s really just an experiment to see if it makes any difference to the joie de vivre.

Question to me, do I memorize a script or do I read something? I think I will probably write notes and keep them in the background. It is not exciting to hear someone read something verbatim.


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