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We saw this when we went to Farringdon Farm yesterday. Sometimes I say to myself ‘ you can’t make this up’ and I would apply this in this instance.

Today, a couple of small events one of which took place in Wetherspoons. A lady was having great difficulty in figuring out how to use the app to order drinks. Eventually she went to ask a young man who explained how to pay and 10 minutes later she finally made it. Two minutes later, the waitress turned up with the order.

I went over  and joked with her that it took half an hour to figure out how to use the system and two minutes to get the order. I said that if you need anything to do with mobile phones just ask the nearest young person. They are wired differently from us older people. We had a laugh about it.  Brits like self-depreciating humour.

The second was from our local butcher who had to put up this sign. It is very sad, and speaks for itself, but behind every service is a struggling human being and clearly something serious has happened and concerning to close the shop indefinitely.

In case you cannot read it it says

Due to worsening family circumstances we will be closed until further notice.

We thank you for your support and apologies for any inconvenience.




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