A local summer fete – Radstock in all its glory

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Off to the Radstock summer fair which is held in a field adjacent to St Nicholas Church. It is one of the most local fairs I have been with local homegrown entertainment, including a pop-up town band where you did not need any musical qualifications to join. There were about 16 stalls one of which was devoted to  encouraging people to exercise by riding a bike. Support was offered for those unused to riding bicycles.

The local church was represented, as was what used to be called Vineyard, the group that I still belong to. There is always face painting on display, jam making, the local knitting group, and musical entertainment. In the adjacent social center (Swallow) tea coffee and cake was offered. This event was just right for families with children.

I enclose a few pictures to  attempt to give some idea of the atmosphere.

A newly formed band which had an admitted ‘four rehearsals’

general view of the laid back atmosphere and layout

some sort of comedy entertainment in the background

lovely butterfly wings design by one of the girls pictured

At such events local gossip can be exchanged. This is very useful. Francoise wondered why it was taking five months to repair and redesign the area around the town Hall and the Informant said that it could easily have been done in four weeks. It looks like someone is taking advantage of the lack of supervision and stringing out the work to earn more money.

We also discussed the lack of productivity of the local Midsomer community officer and said that existing events were not publicized properly. Unless an event is advertised in the local journal it is very difficult to find out what is going on. It seems that people are willing to support events but they need to know about them first. I said that the Midsomer Journal did not have the staff to chase organisers to tell them about forthcoming events especially if they are free and small. Very small organisations do not have the finance or the time or the expertise to publicize there activity.

I repaired to the local Working Men’s Club and sat in the sun drinking Guinness. On the way in the car park we saw this ingenious competitor by Apple to the QR code which has held sway for many years


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