Conclusion of short break in North Somerset

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I do not like to leave anything unrecorded but on this occasion I find myself somewhat short of energy and time so I will be publishing a few pictures that will have to suffice. On the Friday morning, the day of our departure from the hotel, we decided to go along the coast to have a look at  Minehead, the historical center of one of Butlins holiday camps. The town itself is pleasant enough. We were advised not to have a look at the camp itself and anyway we didn’t have the time.

Central Square Watchet

Imaginative sign – a work of art – Watchet

Heritage Railway, Minehead

A Gin stall on MInehead station platform – where else.  Worthy of note was a man offering samples of Gin.  He was going to offer a thousand free samples that evening and he could not actually sell us any but we could buy a bottle, 20 centilitres for 12 pounds and I’m glad I made the investment because it was the purest and the most delicious tasting Gin I have had for sometime. He was a master distiller and explained that the effects of gin in the popular selling items were due to the addition of chemicals. This one was pure.

An old steam loco waiting to be used. What a fine specimen

So you have the last two days crammed into one. Summary is that it is really worth visiting parts of the country which are not overloaded with tourists as you get the feel of a local community. This part of the country is stuffed full of people who have escaped from the more metropolitan areas and seeker place where they can express themselves creatively. Much less stressful than a short break by flying somewhere.

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