A two in one Sunday

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 Two contrasting elements to my day. To a farm run by two of the leaders of what used to be called the Vineyard for a combined meeting which included the usual repetitive singing and praising but also a testimony of what had been achieved over the past 12 years. The list was long and impressive. I had a chance to talk to one or two individuals about their work and life. I found that to break through the meniscus of pleasantaries is not always easy and is only possible if both parties wish to share.

I introduced myself to one person by remarking that a young boy about eight had spent the best part of two hours staring at his phone with headphones on and was not taking any part in the proceedings and I wanted why he was there. My friend said that during covid people relied very much more on zoom and tended to go on online games as well as having school lessons via the internet. He was sort of defending the young boy and his habits

My friend said ‘look, there are other young people who are indeed socialising and this may have been a benefit of the covid era’.  I wonder what the mother of the young boy was doing and whether the only way he could be kept quiet was to be on his mobile, If so what sort of socialization training is that especially as an evangelical event? After the service we were offered very good quality hamburgers and sausages produced locally no doubt.

As for the service I get absolutely no buzz or effect from people waving their arms about as I have said before, but I did get a considerable amount of nutrition from talking to individuals and this is how I will see any future liaisons with this or similar groups.

I then returned home and picked up Francoise. We then went with a local gardening group to a very posh and historic 17th century house in Farringdon Gurney and were shown around by the arboretist and garden planner who had been engaged by the owner. We had over an hour of long and technical discussions on merging aspects of the landscape to make the garden fit the house and the view.

There was a structure made of oak which I hotel in Southampton had offered 10,000 pounds for but they decided to keep it.

A secret area amongst the trees which seems to have been a play area for children with faeries, make believe etc.

the wood looked very much like a dog from a distance

A tree around 350 years old.

The tree has fallen and re-rooted itself

 We finished off with cream tea, comprising very good cream, homemade jam and beautiful scones.

To home and a nail biting football match in the World Cup between England and Slovakia which we won in the last moments 2-1. Turning over to Glastonbury, Shania Twain with more standard songs. Gosh this modern music is so clinical and soulless and yet people lap it up. I have to remember that the festival is not designed primarily for people of my age group okay I get it

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