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A day in the wilds of Dorset to visit a friend

Up very early this morning, Rain in the wind. Not good. A coffee and toast and a brief glance at Al Jazeera.   More of the same. Killings, bombing, lies. It takes a lot to shock me but I never realised how in debt we all are as a country.  This arrived in my morning mail i.e. overnight. How can long this system survive without...

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What makes a county show worth going to? – Dorset County Show, Dorchester

Today Sunday was the day for visiting Dorset county show which is an event held once a year for two days over a weekend, near to Dorchester. An unexpected Aladdin's Cave On the main road down for some reason I decided to turn off into a garden centre and an establishment that described itself as  a trading post.  It consisted of three elements, a coffee bar, and bric a bac  shop with an amazing...

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My Somerset Life by Brian Snellgrove

My Somerset LifeBrian SnellgroveClick below to select a topic or search by keywordLatest EntriesWelcome to My Somerset LifeA dairy by Brian Snellgrove words across articles Inspired by Samuel Pepys' Diary 1633-1703

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Reflections on 45 years of gardening

[tta_listen_btn] Memories of 45 years of gardening Today at 11:00 we trimmed a hedge for a local resident.  I always enjoy doing hedges if only to see the improvement of its appearance after my efforts.  For this we were paid £50.  I do not need the money but I need to be compensated from my effort. Why do I do gardening at all? I do it to keep fit. Power tools and their use are part of keeping...

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99p pint, The Sahara, New York being destroyed, dieting

I have just (7.30 am) stopped listening to a very action-packed thrill packed news bulletin from TalkTV with David Bull and doctor Renee.  They are at the top of their form  and addressing such things as lockdown benefits and otherwise, how could someone have escaped from a medium security prison and why was he there in the first place,  was it an inside job?...just the sort of thing to start my...

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Why worry? + a memorable Bath visit

I got this great idea that the more you worry about things the more the solutions are going to come to you. I worry about the future of the world, I worry about the welfare of my friends.  I worry about the people suffering from fires. I worry about the refugees streaming into this country (UK)  without being stopped or turned away. If I want more things to worry about I can simply turn on the...

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