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The day of our return from London

AWAIT FOR PREVIOUS DAYS REPORTING And so after and all too brief sojourn in London we return. I always leave much earlier than I need to so we left our place in Selsdon which is somewhat south of East Croydon over two hours before the train left. I take the view that if you leave earlier then you need to, if anything goes wrong along the way it normally rights itself after a period of time...

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Bristol to London for less than a cup of coffee

The satisfaction of advance planning If there's one thing I enjoy, it is advance planning. I make most of my plans for the main spine of my activities weeks before the event and that includes imagining what might go wrong and making corrections before I ever set foot on public transport or step in my car. I'm going to visit my sister in Croydon, London, in April and today is the time for booking...

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The Ultimate guide to travel between Bristol/Bath and London – from £2.49

Getting from A to B as cheaply as possible For most of my life I have not been in a good financial situation and have had to live hand to mouth. Now circumstances have changed thank goodness but the habits of not spending money when I don't have to, have remained. This article is dedicated to all those who have to watch the pennies as we say and the principles apply to anyone traveling anywhere....

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A visit to London by the sea (Brighton)

    We took a train at 10:45 from East Croydon directly to Brighton. I remember the old days when the Brighton Belle was a prestigious train that served a three course meal on the way down. I don't know how long the original journey took but my guess is that the present journey would not give enough time on less orders were taken before the train started. Brighton station is uniquely...

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Tourist mini-guide to London

I would now like to give some general advice about traveling in London. I have lived in London for over 50 years and I know it's ways. It is a cosmopolitan city where members of different races get on very well here it don't believe what you read in the mainstream Media. There are occasional disagreements but people learn that in order to survive they need to be polite and respectful of others....

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Our first day unleashed in London

Ok so this is a complicated day, a bit untidy, so I left it till the last and here we are two weeks away from the actual event. Fortunately, Françoise has made a diary so I don't think I'll forget too much. I love getting a discount on things and we presented our two for one discount card for British rail and got two five zone passes for £21. We have more than paid for the £30 card though we...

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