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The Ancient village of Avebury, Wiltshire

Today Wednesday was a bit of a sad day because the gardening job I had looked forward to doing had been taken from me on the spurious pretext. Since either of us have anything much to do with decided that it was time for a walk. We need a pleasant day to counteract the dreadful shenanigans going on in the houses of Parliament where the government seems set on a process of self destruction. How...

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Strange Hotel, strange town

Cross country rides take longer than you think. I departed from base around 10 am from Midsomer Norton which as most of you may know is about 10 miles south of Bath,  and I set my satnav to avoid motorways and thus just travel on normal A roads.  The total elapsed time according to the AA will be 2 hours 55 minutes for a distance of 145 miles. However before going to my destination I wanted to...

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About, and User’s Guide

Welcome to all diary enthusiasts My personal record of life and living in Somerset, Following the example of great diarists, join me in my adventures Brian Snellgrove Users Guide You can search for any place or topic  including Bath,  Frome,  Wells,  Bristol,  Glastonbury, Cheddar, or you can search topics such as Christian,  meditation,  philosophy. You will also find extensive writings on ...

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Bank Holiday – watching the world go by

Why 'Bank' holidays? they don't have them in most other countries including France and USA. In the UK we owe our statutory bank holidays to John Lubbock, first Baron of Avebury, scientific writer (who studied ants and tried to teach his poodle to read), banker and politician and who, in 1871, drafted the Bank Holiday Bill which, when it became law, created the first bank holidays. The first...

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A funeral of a friend – in retrospect

I have held off a few days to fully contemplate the passing of a person I have known for 45 years. We journeyed up via Avebury avoiding the M4 and I paid my respects to the ancient stones. In some way I feel they comprise an advanced communication system, otherwise such stones would not be placed in strategic places throughout the world. The funeral occasion (I will not say 'service' for reasons...

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A full day from a bad start

Last night I suffered a lot from a frozen shoulder and upper arm and decided to write to my genius of an acupuncturist come physio therapist, come healer, Tim. I wrote to him early this morning and asked for an appointment as soon as possible. About 8:30 AM I received a letter from a good friend saying they would like to pop by and would we available. About 9:00 AM. I received an invitation from...

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