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A saunter round Bath with an old friend

However many times I visit Bath, there is always something new to experience. I was able to help several visitors (as I like to do) and when you see Japanese people you know that the season has started. This time I counted six different languages. Today we  visited in order to meet a long standing friend of ours who lives in Dublin and has been a client and friend for over 20 years now. She was...

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Back to normal – the Bath and Kennet Canal (again)

All Quiet on the Western Front It is nice to have a day off after yesterday's tumultuous question in which I asked whether Kate Middleton was dead . I had record viewing numbers and a number of colourful and varied comments about my subject material. This page, yesterday's, will be a continuing story as I hear more evidence which so far is pretty damning . I've also said that if I am wrong and...

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A sunny day in Bath – pictorial visit

Wednesday evening was cold frosty and clear but in spite of that we decided to go to the local gardening club meeting in Ston Easton on the topic of snowdrops. There is a snowdrop festival every February and the events last about a week. This is a picture of the chair lady introducing the speaker who all though saying that she knew very little about the technicalities of growing snowdrops she...

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The Ultimate guide to travel between Bristol/Bath and London – from £2.49

Getting from A to B as cheaply as possible For most of my life I have not been in a good financial situation and have had to live hand to mouth. Now circumstances have changed thank goodness but the habits of not spending money when I don't have to, have remained. This article is dedicated to all those who have to watch the pennies as we say and the principles apply to anyone traveling anywhere....

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Bath Christmas Market + The importance of boundaries + RUH visit

We as a nation have become addicted to images and brief videos and I am not sure how powerful the written word still is. As I have said before, I write this diary mainly for myself but anyone is entitled to have a peep into my life. All of us are one consciousness having derived from the same origin so we are different in our expressions of our identity but we all have something to give each...

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Dieting, a visit to Bath, a noisy bus, use of English words

I am writing on what I suppose is a fairly personal matter but I have no qualms about sharing such things. If you have been suffering some of the same symptoms it may be worth looking at some of the matters I have mentioned below and seeking advice. Please understand that what I am writing does not comprise medical advice.  It is just me trying to figure stuff out. After many years of difficulty...

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