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Our voyage to South Wales – day three – Cardiff Market

Breakfast or no breakfast? Is there a best time to have breakfast in the hotel.  If it is advertised 7 am to ten am you will probably get a lot of late risers arriving at 9:45 hoping for service. You would also get a burst of early risers at 7am wanting to make their way somewhere else.  I recommend best time as 10 minutes before the hour,  7.50 or 8.20.  If you are arrive too late some of the...

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A couple of days in Cardiff

I always follow my instincts when it comes to travel. I got the idea lat Friday that we should do a brief visit to Cardiff in Wales.   It is quite close to us. As the crow flies it is 32 miles but more like 55 miles by car. We debated whether to go by car or take a coach from Bristol. The latter would take door to door about 3 hours 30 minutes and would cost £32 return for two.  We decided to do...

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Time at my computer + a Boring Film

I just felt like putting in this one. It has no relevance to the article. A fanfare in the face of chaos? I cannot remember living in such exciting times where the stakes are high and getting higher. At stake is the human being with all its glorious creativity and spirituality which is under threat from agents that think that artificial intelligence is enough to run the planet. Each day, there...

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The complete Guide to booking hotels (in the UK)

I may be teaching my grandma to suck eggs* but this is the total of my experience over the years. The first hotel I ever stayed in was in 1955 when I was 11 years of age and it was at Number 7 De la War Parade, Bexhill. It was run by three formidable ladies of a certain age and all arrangements were done by telephone and letter. In those days letter writing was de rigeur. Everything was...

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My Somerset Life by Brian Snellgrove

My Somerset LifeBrian SnellgroveClick below to select a topic or search by keywordLatest EntriesWelcome to My Somerset LifeA dairy by Brian Snellgrove words across articles Inspired by Samuel Pepys' Diary 1633-1703

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Trials and tribulations of traveling over the holiday season

Today's return journey from London to Somerset was not the best I have ever experienced but it was certainly populated with events. Our journey sounds simple enough, get a bus than a tram and arrive at East Croydon, from thence take the 20-minute rail journey to Victoria station, walk to the coach station, await the 11am coach (M10 as it so happens) and be transported to Bristol, then take the...

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