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Christian Eulogy + is there a Muslim takeover of the UK?

with thanks to @DavidAtherton20 and @LozzaFox. The Mayor of London is a Muslim The mayor of Birmingham is a Muslim The Mayor of Leeds is Muslim The Mayor of Blackburn - Muslim The mayor of Sheffield is a Muslim The mayor of Oxford is a Muslim The mayor of Luton is a Muslim The mayor of Oldham is Muslim The mayor of Rochdale is Muslim All this was achieved by only 4 million Muslims out of 66...

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Christian Worship – Why did Thomas doubt?

I arose at 7 o'clock this morning leaving a sleeping Francoise. As I have had a Bemer treatment overnight, which  is a machine that sends vibrational frequencies through the body to keep the blood flow in the micro channels, I had a good glass of water followed by a coffee. I enjoy brewing coffee. I saw a man do this on a street in Marrakesh and have followed it ever since. Trans World Radio As...

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The ‘Ultimate Summary’ of what being a Christian requires

From the Editor:  For the first time ever, since I started writing this diary I've come across a piece written by David Sorenson, which if ever an item deserved dissemination this does, because it goes to the root of our very being on this planet and resonates with what I feel 110% First you might like to hear the countervailing argument. In attack on Easter, Biden and the Democrats declare...

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An Encounter with an awesome Christian organisation

The first breath of Spring, plus following my intuition A day of responding to the first breaths of Spring by us working in the garden, digging, pruning, cutting and somewhat obsessively collecting firewood to save money on the gas bill and because live fires are much more satisfying then staring at a hot radiator. I got a strong impulse to go to the Baptist church in Street which is about 3...

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Frome Christian Mens Group meeting

As you may know I have featured hundreds of posters since I started this diary. Some are on the mark and some are not. The above gives a very powerful visual message about what correct advice can do. I saw it in the church hall in which we had our men's breakfast this morning Up early this morning to attend the Christian men's breakfast in Frome. It is always a pleasure to meet articulated...

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What Early Birds Get Up to – killing Christians for sport

An early bird rises I arose at 4:30 this morning after having satisfied my need for sleep. There seems little point in remaining in bed if you do not feel tired. I signed on to Channel 5 and this to be able to watch historical programs and I watched a documentary film about the winter of 1947 and the unrelenting snow that fell for the best part of seven weeks. The floods that came after were of...

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