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Glastonbury Celebration Special – the latest gadget – Bret Weinstein /Tucker Carlson

Glastonbury Imbolc Celebration + the secret Glastonbury Town A political position clearly enunciated If I'm to be any use to anyone, I must be true to myself and this includes mentioning political metals as they come up,  and the effect they have had on me as I sit in my small office here in Somerset. Tucker Carlson was removed from his position with mainstream Media because he made too many...

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Nearly the Oppenheimer film, Lammas in Glastonbury

I met for an 8.30 breakfast this morning at Wetherspoons with a friend of mine, David. There were about a dozen people there. Two couples, the rest single people reading the paper and staring at their mobile phones.  We discussed matters of importance to us as Christians. I mentioned that maybe due to my age I need to hear new ideas or requests in more than one way for it to truly sink in. I...

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Summer Solstice – I meet a Boris Johnson Impersonator in Glastonbury

Today is the day of summer solstice but also the day when over 200,000 people arrive at Glastonbury for the famous annual event. We decided to go via Wells not Shepton Mallet and thus avoided all the queues as our journey would have been half an hour longer. We arrived at Chalice Well at 20 past 11 in the morning and were greeted with a fairly cloudy sky. The number of people at the summer...

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Another visit to Glastonbury, and a men’s meeting

Off to Glastonbury to accompany Francoise who is going to see a very special lady therapist called Virginie. She is also french. The reason for the attendance was to have some cranial sacral work on a twisted pelvis which has troubled Francoise for many years now. The therapist was very widely trains with many courses to her credit and did an examination of the energy centers as part of a very...

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Another Amazing day, this time at Glastonbury for the Spring solstice

As we left home for the spring equinox celebrations in Glastonbury, the  rain started. First, in spots and then more continuously. However the overall forecast seemed promising enough if you did not expect sunshine as was the case yesterday Sunday. We arrived about 11am for the midday celebration. It is always pleasant to arrive early before the crowds come. Fairly soon I was tempted to buy a...

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Winter Solstice at Glastonbury

So today is the winter solstice whereby tradition we go to chalice well in Wells. This time there were many people there, about 200 I would say, and at midday we all gathered round the well itself which had been dressed first thing in the morning with the most beautiful flowers and with the greatest amount of love. I wish all the world was like chalice gardens. You can speak to anyone else...

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