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John Cleese returns for 10 shows – our final day in Swansea – hotel report

[tta_listen_btn] John Cleese is resurrected I woke up this morning after a fairly restless night. It is very difficult to have one duvet for all temperatures and I was a bit warm. I solved this by having my front side open to the air. You have to experiment. For some reason I turned on the TV to see John Cleese, one of my heroes of old in the field of humour, on UK television announcing that he...

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Swansea – Day 2 – museums markets and wind farms

[tta_listen_btn] We took a bus somewhat after 10 o'clock in the morning, the X7, and alighted at the central bus garage which is really posh and well designed for large numbers of vehicles arriving and departing. Well done architects.  The cost for a day ticket is £4.70.  Warning - Free bus passes issued in England do not work in Wales. Museums a-plenty can be found in the area to the sea side...

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Swansea Trip – Day one – swimming in an Olympic 50m Pool

For our sudden brief holiday we arose on Sunday morning at 7:30 and by 9.30 we were in the car off to Swansea in South Wales. This is a part of the world that we have taken a particular liking to. We have been to Cardiff about three times and have found a considerable amount of investment in public arts and works of art. We decided to go to Swansea on the recommendation of a friend who said it...

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The complete Guide to booking hotels (in the UK)

I may be teaching my grandma to suck eggs* but this is the total of my experience over the years. The first hotel I ever stayed in was in 1955 when I was 11 years of age and it was at Number 7 De la War Parade, Bexhill. It was run by three formidable ladies of a certain age and all arrangements were done by telephone and letter. In those days letter writing was de rigeur. Everything was...

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My Somerset Life by Brian Snellgrove

My Somerset LifeBrian SnellgroveClick below to select a topic or search by keywordLatest EntriesWelcome to My Somerset LifeA dairy by Brian Snellgrove words across articles Inspired by Samuel Pepys' Diary 1633-1703

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Biodynamic Association AGM and a litter of pigs

[tta_listen_btn] NB if anyone reading this attended the conference and spots something incorrect please let me know. There may be a delay in correcting as my software is being upgraded. I feel this is going to be a long diary entry. I went to Gloucestershire to attend  the annual general meeting of a group that Francoise  is particularly keen on,  the BioDynamic  Association....

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