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Day trip to Wells Somerset

To Wells with our visiting friend. You never know what you're going to find so great is the rate of change these days. The cathedral is charging 14 pounds to enter and this is valid for one year but as I pointed out most visitors will only be able to attend one time so the annual validity is a academic interest only. The same thing for the Bishop's Gardens. They are very wonderful but not worth...

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Various horrors + The Wells Carnival.

We are watching actual genocide in you know where.  I don't want to become a political whinger and complainer but this chart shows the damage being done in terms of statistics.  Is it a 'hate crime' to object to this indeed to be repulsed by it? As a human being with feelings, I do not like to see other human beings suffering. <fanfare of trumpets> I can 'empathize!!!!  Empathy??? What is...

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Visit to Wells for music and recreation

The bombardment continues I switched on the TV this morning about 7:30 and tuned in to Al Jazeera which is about the only impartial media I know of. There are four main hospitals in the Gaza strip and the Israelis have now moved in to continuously bomb the main hospital itself and as a result there is no food, no water, electricity, no safety going from point A to point B nowhere to bury the...

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Wells on a sunny April day

This is obviously a picture essay. This is a picture postcard town with a long history. I will let the images speak for themselves.  There is a Cathedral with gardens as you probably know.  The £16 entrance charge for the garden still sticks in my craw. I think it is very unfair for one time visitors but for us locals it gives 12 months unlimited entry.         Wood chip used...

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To Wells, and various

Having met a delightful psychic lady called Christine, one of the trustees of Chalice Well, we went to have a psychic reading. The reading was interesting but unfortunately I was afflicted by one of my more frequent stomach/digestion problems.  Such was the discomfort i had to leave the session (a first for me) and let Francoise represent me.  It seems my stomach is increasingly intolerant to...

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Very depressing to see well liked pub in Wells up for sale

Oh dear when will this madness stop. We went to Wells on a whim, the weather being fairly good. A walk down the High Street confirmed our fears, that many shops that we had taken for granted would likely not open again. Do they get relief on their rent and rates?  I don't think so.  They are being squeezed from both ends. This included my favorite pub, one that served good quality drinks and...

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